Anne Majumdar

With its newest brochure, luxury river cruise operator Uniworld is revamping its agent approach.

The new portrait format brochure has been designed to be much easier for agents to rack in their stores, but that is the least of the changes.

“It’s time for Uniworld to truly tell our story,” president and chief executive Ellen Bettridge told KarryOn.

“Our ships are unique, our selling proposition is unique, so let’s make sure we answer questions for people by telling them our story.”

The result? A coffee-table quality booklet that incorporates all of the brand’s destinations into one brochure for the first time – a move also designed to make things “easier” for its travel partners.

In addition, the company has moved to a pricing insert, removing all pricing grids that were in the brochure.

There are a number of reasons for this move, according to Bettridge.

“We’re a luxury travel product – we want people to fall in love with the product, to see the product, to understand it,” she explained.

Starting prices have been included to give people an idea of where pricing begins.

“But it doesn’t go into details,” Bettridge added.

“We did this because we want to be a bit more flexible, more nimble so we can be more innovative in terms of marketing and special promotions.”

Another benefit is the brochure’s increased “longevity”.

“Sometimes as soon as we produce a brochure, the prices change,” Bettridge said.

She expects the revamped format will be an instant hit with agents thanks to its simplified, upfront approach, uncluttered with offers and deals that “confuse the marketplace”.

“They can call us, they can go on the website and the latest pricing will be available for them, making it easier for them but also making it easier for us to be more dynamic.”


It’s not the only big news for Uniworld this year. This March will see the launch of its newest vessel, the S.S Joie de Vivre, which will sail from Paris up to Honfleur on the Normandy coast.

“There’s going to be nothing like this ship on the rivers – it has more of a yacht feel,” Bettridge promised.

She highlighted its light coloured wood, minimalist style and “bright and cheerful” colours as design features. At night the pool area to the back of the vessel will close over and become a dancefloor, while foodies will enjoy dining in its wine cave.

“Everyone said Paris and France were not going to sell well, but Joie de Vivre is selling beautifully,” she added.

“2017 shaping up to be a fantastic year and 2018 is going to be a boom.”

What do you think of Uniworld’s new brochure?