Is there really no better way to encourage people to get out and explore than by reminding them of everything they dislike about their own home?

If new marketing trends are anything to go by, then perhaps not.

NT Tourism is the second tourism board (following South Africa Tourism) in less than a month to promote its own destination by hilariously taking the piss out of another.

The tourism board published its ‘Get Out of NSW’ video to Facebook this week, where it has received over 200,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Recruiting V-blogger Tanya Hennessy, the popular personality sarcastically outlines the “things Sydney people never say”, which are actually not-so-subtle stabs at the city’s worst qualities.

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Hennessy talks about have too much lululemon.

For example, she targets the city’s public transport system when she says that she loves “catching the train, YAS City Rail” (although didn’t it change to Sydney Trains?) and that “it definitely won’t take you four f#cking hours” to get from Newtown to the CBD.

Sydney’s busy roads don’t go unnoticed, especially Parramatta Road, and nor does everyone’s obsession with gym-wear, “”I think at this point I just have too much Lululemon. I don’t need anymore”.

Hennessy digs into the city’s lack of structure when she highlights that “Sydney is just really well designed, like it definitely wasn’t designed by someone on meth”, before noting the city’s lack of interest in travelling to surrounding states, “I’m always out of Sydney, I’m always visiting different parts of NSW like you know Penrith, where else have I been?”

Hennessy talks about the sun melting into the ocean in Darwin.

Hennessy talks about the sun melting into the ocean in Darwin.

This then segues into her recent “heavenly” trip to Darwin where she posed in a white dress by rocks, saw “so many waterfalls”, watched sun “melt into the ocean” and a man walking a crocodile.

Check out the full clip below:

Tourism NT’s promo follows on from South Africa Tourism’s clip, which hilarious compares Australia’s icons to the African nations. Click here for more.

Have you visited the Northern Territory lately?