If France’s tourism leaders are on a mission to increase Australian arrivals in 2017, the same year Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary – how many Aussies will visit the theme park?

Think about it. Calculate your estimate.

Hold onto that guess.


Were you close to 100,000?

That’s the Australian target Disney Parks and Resorts is hoping to top this year for its European park.

“We are seeing more Australians experiencing the joy in Disneyland Paris,” David Clark, Disney Destination’s Travel and Business Development for Australia and New Zealand said at a special movie preview of Beauty & the Beast in Sydney last month.

“Through current projections, there’ll be around 100,000 Aussies visiting Disneyland Park in 2017, which is amazing.”

Although the goal may sound advantageous, Clark expects to reach it through Australia’s “special bond with Paris” but more importantly,  Disneyland Paris’ special 25th anniversary plans.


Celebrations for the park’s quarter century anniversary coincidentally kicked off around the same time as the release of Disney’s live action Beauty & the Beast film.

So far, the park has already introduced a new nighttime extravaganza called Disney Illuminations – a light show on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which follows Mickey Mouse into a world of imagination created by Tinkerbell. It features romance as well as adventure as the famous cartoon character meets counterparts from Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars.


Image: Disneyland Paris

There’s also a new parade called Disney Star Parade featuring new floats inspired by Frozen and Finding Nemo, plus there’s a new 3D Star Tours attraction made up of 70 mission stories.


Image: Disneyland Paris

A highlight for the 25th year will be next month’s opening of Hyperspace Mountain an indoor roller coaster set to Star Wars music and special effects.

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland Paris anytime soon?