You could dedicate your whole life to visiting tourist attractions around the world and only tick half the sites off your bucketlist.

There’s an abundance of choice from nature’s creations such as those secluded national parks, expansive canyons and mystical underwater caves, to the man-made skyscrapers, iconic bridges and unforgettable pyramids.

But of all the sites around the world, which are people most posing with and then posting to Instagram?

What’s your guess?


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What’s their guess?

If you said Disneyland in California then congratulations, you are really good at guessing games (or you spend an unhealthy amount of time on Instagram).

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According to research conducted by TravelBird, Disneyland in California has some 14.6 million tags on the photo-sharing app with people posting their pics in Mini ears, exploring the Sleeping Beauty Castle and meeting Darth Vader.

Disneyland Anaheim

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering a). it’s the happiest place on Earth, and b). some 18.2 million people visited the park in 2015 alone.

The Eiffel Tower came in as the second most Instagrammed attraction with 7.2 million tags, followed by Walt Disney World in Florida with 5.4 million references.

Eiffel Tower 2

Other attractions to make the top 10 were South Beach in Florida, the Berlin Wall, Las Vegas Strip, Big Ben, Times Square, Notre Dame and Oktoberfest.

Which attraction have you Instagrammed?