It’s the last public holiday in parts of Australia for quite some time (*sighs*) and Aussies intend to make the most of it by taking a short break getaway.

According to research by, Australians are keen on getting away over the next three days, with flight searches increasing for today and tomorrow.

Nathan Graham, Regional Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said the company has seen a “huge increase” in flights searches departing on Friday evening or Saturday morning and returning Monday evening.

Really trying to squeeze in as much holiday time as possible.


He continued, saying there was a notable increase in searches for warmer climates such as Nadi (575 percent increase), Cairns (393 percent) and Brisbane (287 percent).

For travel from June through to October, he noted Auckland, Denpasar and Singapore as popular shortbreak international spots, while Melbourne, Sydney and Perth were tops domestically.

“More and more Aussies are taking shorter yet more frequent breaks, highlighting the trend of employees wanting to escape from busy workloads to refresh and recharge, and a growing eagerness to see places within our own ‘backyard’.”

Nathan Graham, Cheapflights Regional Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand


Meanwhile, a study completed by Comparetravelinsurance revealed that around almost half of Australians are willing to lie in order to secure ‘royal treatment’ on their holidays.

This includes fabricated excuses to optimise their travel or fibbing just to get an upgrade to the next cabin class.

Both men and women are willing to do what it takes to get that holiday, according to the study, with both genders equally willing to wrangle an upgrade.

To bargain their way into a business or first class seat, passengers said they would try a range of justifications, from physical ailments, annoying seatmates to flying phobias- even pre-wedding jitters in one case.

However, try as they might, an ex-flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic, confirmed to the insurance company that fibbing your way to an upgrade rarely works.

Have you planned a getaway for this long weekend?