Gone are the days when tourists could wander around Rome’s Trevi Fountain with a gelato in hand or enjoy a slice of pizza while giving their legs a much-needed break on the edge of the archeological site.

Rome’s leaders have been forced to introduce new laws around the city’s historic fountains, which forbid travellers from eating, drinking or clambering around the centuries-old architecture.

Signed by Rome’s Mayor, Virginia Raggi, last week, the new bans aim to tackle an increase in the number of travellers disrespecting the city’s treasures, including those who find it amusing to take a nude dip in the ancient water structure.

Image: turismoroma.it

Image: turismoroma.it

In a Facebook post, Raggi said Rome’s beauty should be “respected by all” and the city will not tolerate “violations against the rules of urban decorum”.

“We want to protect the historical, artistic and archaeological heritage of Rome.”

Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome

As part of the decree, travellers will receive a 240 euros (AU$353) fine if they’re caught paddling or swimming in any of the city’s 40 historic sites.

There’s also fines for eating and drinking near the edge of the fountains and for trying to clamber over the fountains, Telegraph.co.uk reported.

Did you get a chance to eat and drink around Rome’s Trevi Fountain?