The United States’ new President took time out between bringing back “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS”, releasing the new Healthcare Bill and making minor adjustments to the travel ban, to meet with travellers.

Donald Trump greeted a group of tourists at the White House this week, the first wave of visitors since he was inaugurated into the role.

The social media savvy leader walked into the East Wing of the Presidential house where a group of tourists were standing, including several fifth graders who were on an excursion from Alabama.

According to reports, Trump stretched out his arms to announce his arrival when he entered the room, which allegedly prompted visitors to shout things like “oh my god”, The Australian reported.

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Trump’s appearance was short, but apparently it was long enough for one young visitor who was pulled from the crown, hugged by the President and patted on the shoulder before being ushered back to his school group. It was a very sweet moment, especially for the young boy who appeared quite ecstatic to be standing next to his country’s leader.

It was also a great PR opportunity to promote the re-opening of the White House, which has been closed for around a month-and-a-half.

Under the new administration, rules for visiting the iconic White House has changed slightly, with President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump requesting public tours register through Members of Congress at least three months in advance. Tours will then be scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Have you toured through the White House?