It took 55 years of easing tensions and negotiations to convince Cuba to re-open its air and sea links to the western world, but it may not last too long.

President Donald Trump is allegedly standing by a promise he made in November last year to roll back on some of the agreement made between Cuba and former President Barack Obama, Reuters reported.

Unnamed US officials, who have apparently seen a draft presidential memorandum, are reported as having said the controversial leader is looking at tightening rules on Americans travelling to Cuba as well as restricting US companies from doing business with Cuban enterprises run by the military.


Further details of the President’s new policy will be revealed during an upcoming speech in Miami.

In the meantime, media publications are speculating that the President will use the new policy to emphasise that the ban on US tourism to Cuba still exists and there could even be restrictions on US travellers spending money in state-run hotels and restaurants.

JetBlue in Cuba

However, these new policies may prove difficult to enforce with airlines such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue and more, operating around 110 flights between the US and Cuba every day. Not to mention, there’s a number of cruise lines such as MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, planning future cruises to the destination after experiencing strong demand on their initial Cuban itineraries.

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