Whether you lust for him or loathe him, there’s no denying Christian Grey’s influence on exposing the hidden pleasures of dark romance to an international audience.

His playroom (or as Anastasia refers to it, ‘the red room of pain’) has inspired millions worldwide to experiment in the boudoir both at home and on holidays.

Following the successful release of the first movie, the hotel industry was quick to meet desires from a growing number risqué guests by introducing 50 Shades of Grey-inspired packages made up of all kinds of treats from helicopter tours of Seattle, eye masks and even lilly fringe whips.

Dark Romance the Star

Now, The Star Sydney is taking provocative travel to the next level with an entire studio dedicated to the passions of ‘Dark Romance’.

Described as “sultry, sexy and gorgeous” the studio shares similar features to that of Christian Grey’s playroom with rich scarlet coloured walls, warm lighting and high frames around a king-sized bed.

Guests can either cuddle up on the rug by the working fireplace, enjoy a completely private balcony for two OR take advantage of an oversized circular bath in the bathroom.


Other lavish highlights of the Dark Romance studio include a candlelight-style glow for more intimacy, a one-of-a kind leopard statuette, chic drinks trolley and showstopper modern chandelier.

The Star Sydney’s General Manager of Hotels, John Autelitano, said the entertainment property aims to appeal to travellers looking for a unique hotel experience.

“The Studios at The Star are a culmination of the very best in experiential hotel stays I’ve experienced from around the world.”

John Autelitano, The Star Sydney General Manager of Hotels

“The rooms are designed for guests looking for a hotel experience like no other,” he said.

“There really is nothing like it in Australia!”

Retro The Star

Travellers looking for lighter and more upbeat accommodation, The Star Sydney also recently opened a 70s Glam Studio and a sci-fi chic Cyberpunk Studio.

The 70s Studio brings to life the golden age of disco in a boogie wonderland with neon lips n’ cherry light pouts over a scarlet circular sofa, karaoke lounge area, gold-walled bar and black and gold velvet daybed – all with a disco ball sparkling above.

Cyber the Star

While the Cyberpunk Studio features a virtual reality chamber and elite Xbox gaming set-up with a wall of four 65” TV consoles ready for non-stop action. There’s also a full wet bar, spacious corner chill-out zone, mood lighting and separate bedroom with leather-look walls and silver curtains.

Which studio would you prefer to sleep in?