Investigations are underway into the origin of a fire at Las Vegas’ Bellagio Resort, which is believed to have caused more than $400,000 in damages to the iconic property.

Employees and guests cleared out of the hotel late last week when a blaze broke out over the retail annex, leaving severe damage over stores primarily Starbucks.

Fire officials were called in to tackle the fire, which Clark County Fire described as “extremely difficult” due to its location.

Despite the severity of the situation, an MGM Resort International spokesperson said it caused little disruption to hotel operations, with retailers returning to their duties shortly after flames were extinguished and the 11pm fountain display going on as scheduled.

The MGM spokesperson continued, saying that the extent of the damage is still being assessed along with the cause. Although the final report on the cause could take up to two weeks, Deputy Clark County Fire Chief Jeff Buchanan said initial investigations indicate it may have been an electrical or lighting issue.

Meanwhile, tourists and locals were quick to share their pictures and videos of the fire:

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