When 20 plus Russian models recently turned up at The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah for a glitzy photoshoot, things didn’t turn out so well from a public relations perspective.

Why? Well perhaps not surprisingly, the models snapped a ton of selfies around the pool, in bathtubs, lounging in and across cars and in a variety of other ‘suggestive poses’ at the hotel.

It’s what you do when you’re Instagram superstars ‘on location’.


Because then of course, you upload all of your shots up onto Instagram for your gazillions of adoring fans to enjoy.

And the hotel too suddenly gets a ton of free fans and comments and a saucy looking story on their own Instagram feed.

Everyone wins right? Wrong.

Management of the 5-star AUD$1000 a suite hotel weren’t happy at all with the risqué pictures and asked the models to untag the hotel on Instagram.

They were also reported as saying that the hotel “prides itself on its family-friendly image” and suggested that some of the images would be more befitting of an erotic lingerie catalogue.

You can see why.



The hotel’s bosses also said their main concern was the comfort of their guests with a hotel spokesman saying: “You have to understand that this is an Arab country. We have had a lot of complaints from families with children. We do not want to see our geolocation on photos of girls in semi-naked and erotic poses. Let the photographs simply state the location as Dubai.”


It appears this kind of problem isn’t related only to the The Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeriah with many high end Dubai hotels also featuring a plethora of Russian models ‘on vacation’ in their feeds.

At the time of writing this article, many of the models featured had chosen to ignore the request from hotel management.

What do you think? Would this kind of thing keep you from booking if you were travelling with a family?