Tech companies may be hard at work building those robot butlers and android check-in employees, but apparently all that effort may be for naught because it’s not what travellers want from their future hotels.

A HotelsCombined study on what Aussie holidaymakers expect of hotels in the future found they’re actually seeking properties with larger, indoor-outdoor spaces that come with free technology.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (75 percent) would like to see the hotel of the future bring the outdoors in with more outdoor rooftops, courtyards and bigger balconies.

Rooms are unlikely to become smaller, in the way of Japanese capsule hotels, as 36 percent of respondents desire, and would expect, hotel rooms to become bigger.


In addition, rather than more advanced technology, respondents expect existing technology to be offered as complementary add-ons. For instance, 62 percent of respondents would expect faster complimentary Wi-Fi, 47 percent would expect free movie streaming, 37 percent free device chargers and international adaptors, and just 25 percent would like centralised in-room tech stations connected to TV, movies, music, lighting and climate control.

Twenty-one percent want to see more ‘welcoming’ features in their hotels such as plants and rugs, and 28 per cent would want larger bathroom toiletries.

Hotel bed

The survey further asked what services respondents would like to see in hotels in the future, to which they responded with faster or automated check-in and check-out, a hotel-funded person to be a tour guide, in-room pampering and a personal travel assistant to book restaurants and all activities.

“It was interesting to see that when Australian travellers think of the future of travel, they are not thinking of futuristic hotels packed with technology just yet.”

Chris Rivett, HotelsCombined Australia and New Zealand Head of Marketing 

“It seems that the traditional offerings of a comfortable room, a bit of luxury and the opportunity to relax and recharge will always be core to the guest experience.”

What do you expect from hotels of the future?