Sabre has unveiled a few changes to its Sabre Red Workspace, which are designed to offer Travel Agents further opportunities to personalise service to their clients.

Utilising a content rich marketplace, intelligent decision support tools and predictive data insights, Sabre says the upgraded product is now a more intuitive way to book travel.

New features on the GDS include data-driven booking trend information with intuitive design and a consumer-grade user interface, smart product differentiation for air extras and Branded Fares and inspirational shopping.

There’s also the innovative integration of Sabre Dev Studio APIs that allows Travel Agents to better predict the best time to book to get the best price and best days of travel.

New Sabre Red Screenshot _ SYD AKL

An interactive map allows consultants to consider alternative airports while the user-friendly interface integrates revenue maximisation tools, including unique indicators that alert the travel consultants about opportunities to increase sales and commissions while offering differentiated options that cater to the traveller’s preferences.

Meanwhile, the benefits to suppliers include advanced merchandising capabilities with enhanced product information through images and video.

Sabre will begin upgrading travel agency customers to the new solution in early 2017, after a pilot later this year.

“Travellers want more than an itinerary; they want to feel confident about their purchases and expect a trip built around choice.”

Sean Menke, Sabre Travel Network President

“That’s why in addition to a superior user experience, our new Sabre Red Workspace provides travel consultants with data insights, relevant offers and price transparency.

“Data and analytics are critical assets to increase productivity and efficiency in the retail world, and our travel insight engine will help drive decision-making, revenue optimisation and true personalisation.”

Agents and suppliers who have been involved in the development of the innovative solution have helped drive the user interface of the new travel marketplace solution, combining the look and feel of a consumer-focused website with insights, tools and features that help drive more personalised offerings to sell travel more effectively.

Do you think intuitive data could help you sell more?