$30 million – it’s money most of us won’t see in a dozen lifetimes let alone make through work in a little over six years.

‘Most of us’ does not include Travel Counsellors’ Nadine Kutz who made the generous figure in sales since starting her own business in 2010.

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Yeah, we’re having trouble believing it too, but it’s true.

Kutz, the Queensland-based Agent and mother of two, has managed to achieve Gold Status over at Travel Counsellors every single year over the last six years through “phenomenal sales results” that reached a grand total of $30 million.

So how does she manage to make such incredibly high sales?

Well, according to Kutz she’s always looking for new ways to improve her business, find new customers and ultimately, increase her sales.

“While increasing my total sales each year is a wonderful achievement, I’m very pleased that my margin is also continually increasing.”

Nadine Kutz, Travel Counsellors

“This means my earnings are also growing in value each year.”

Travel Counsellors

Of course, there’s always the support of head office, which Kutz says has provided her with the assistance and support by taking care of most of the “marketing, administrative and technological aspects of the business”. This leaves her to focus on sales and her family.

“I was initially drawn to Travel Counsellors because I wanted a travel role that enabled me to explore my earning potential while being there for my family,” she said.

“Office and retail-based travel roles don’t usually afford much freedom or flexibility when it comes to the hours you work, so I loved the idea of running my own home-based enterprise for this reason.”

Travel Counsellors Australia’s Managing Director Fred van Eijk said Nadine’s success is just one example of the “things that can happen” when Travel Agents join a mobile group.

“At Travel Counsellors, we focus on empowering travel agents to reach their full potential, earn what they’re worth and achieve a good work/life balance at the same time,” he said.

“Nadine’s recent sales milestone is a great reminder of how far agents can go with Travel Counsellors. The possibilities are truly endless.”

What are your tips for boosting sales?