Résumés and transfer requests have been rolling in over at Student Flights since the brand introduced unlimited annual leave last month.

In case you missed the hottest industry news of the year (and the most enviable), the youth agency brand has given its employees access to unlimited paid leave.

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The initiative was rolled out to stores nationwide last month and is designed to give staff better work/life balance AND encourage them to do more of the thing they love most – travel.

Whilst making the announcement, General Manager Sean Martin said the program enables his staff to “never stop travelling”.

young travellers with phone

It’s a message others in the industry have heard loud and clear, because Martin told KarryOn that over the last month the company has received increased employment interest from people working withing the Flight Centre Travel Group as well as those currently working for competitors.

“We’ve seen a massive spike in the number of applicants wanting to come work for us since announcing unlimited annual leave.”

Sean Martin, Student Flights General Manager

Martin continued, explaining that the program has been “really popular” among current staff members too, with some tapping into their unlimited annual leave during the recent long weekend breaks and others using it for extended holidays.

Student Flights

Among them was one employee who took an extra week to prolong her Topdeck Tour in Europe – a move Martin said would benefit not just the employee but clients, as it gave the staff member firsthand experience of a brand Student Flights is “closely aligned with”.

“Unlimited annual leave is part of a broader strategy to increase workplace flexibility,” he added.

“We’ve employed people that are passionate about travel and we want to give them more opportunity to do what they love.”

Sean Martin, Student Flights General Manager

What would you do and where would you go with unlimited annual leave?