Flying down the back in cattle class isn’t necessarily the most comfortable experience, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the situation. Here’s a few tips to help improve your flight…


1. Even better than gum


You’ve probably seen them at the airport and laughed at the thought of them. But these ear plugs actually do help to prevent your ears from popping while you’re miles high.


2. A simple answer to no in-flight entertainment



3. Avoid the fast food in airports


In higher altitudes it’s harder for your body to digest foods that are high in fat and sodium and can lead to nausea. Drop the cheeseburger and fries and go for a yogurt instead. It can help aid in digestion. Trust us on this one. Especially on a really long sector.


4. Go for the vegetarian meals


Dry air and high cabin pressure dull taste buds on aircrafts so in-flight meals remedy this with extra salt.

So opt for the vegetarian option because it has less salt and is healthier for you (and nicer to animals). Plus you’ll usually get your meal quicker which is always a bonus, especially when it’s a night flight and you want to go to sleep quicker.


5. BYO amenity kit


The Business Class Amenities kits on Etihad Airways

These are the new Business Class amenity kits on Etihad Airways. Nice aren’t they?

Sadly you won’t be getting one of these when you fly economy.

Instead, take your own personalised version to keep refreshed with a good moisturiser, lip balm, face wipes, eye mask and a toothbrush and toothpaste. A good Shea butter hand cream is also a great idea.

Make sure everything is under 50ml and pop it all in a plastic bag (ideally zip locked) so you can breeze through customs without any hassle.


6. Skip liquids all together


Just add water and these sheets can do everything from clean your clothes to wash your hands. You’d be amazed at what you can do to pass a long haul flight these days.


7. Be strategic in your seat choice


Not all airline seats are created equally. Emergency seat exit seats don’t recline, but also have more leg room. Everyone has their preference – window? Or aisle? No-one wants the middle seat.

It’s always a good idea to ask how full the flight is and opt for down the very back as the plane is usually filled from the front. Often you can score an entire row on a less busy sector if you ask nicely at check in. Stretch out time.

The golden rule here is – Be nice to the check-in staff and the cabin crew. In fact just be nice to everyone and you’ll go far.


8. Noise cancelling headphones

noise cancelling headphones for traveling

Your saving grace. You’re welcome.

The price of noise cancelling headphones has come down a lot over the last few years. These days you can pick up a pair from anywhere between $150-600. If you travel frequently (and for use at home too), this could be the best purchase you ever make.

What’s your top tip for making flying in the main cabin a little bit more pleasant?