Canada is the second largest land mass in the world, with 10 provinces and three territories absolutely brimming with cool things to do, no matter what you’re into…

From eclectic cities, amazing road trips, stunning wildlife and world-class gastronomy, you can choose your own adventure here in this land of mountains, lakes and maple syrup!

You’ll also find out yourself that Canada has so much more to offer than just a pretty face. Indeed, if there’s one thing we want to impart to you today, it’s this: Canada is cool, not cold!

Here are 10 ways Canada will surprise the pants off you.


1. Get up close with the animals in the Yukon


Immerse yourself in the Yukon for incredible wildlife encounters that will make all your friends and family back home insanely jealous. Wild, mountainous and sparsely populated, it will only be you and the animals out here!


2. Go Kayaking in the Bay of Fundy


With the highest tides on the planet, the Bay of Fundy is a bona-fide water wonderland, and probably the best way of discovering its charm is exploring it with some kayaking. The region is also home to 12 different species of whale.


3. Explore Iceberg Alley in Newfoundland & Labrador


As the most easterly point of North America, Newfoundland and Labrador are as remote as they get. But those who make the trip out here are rewarded with untouched nature, rugged coastlines, amazing wildlife opportunities (whales anyone?) and even icebergs!


4. Celebrate in the country’s capital, Ottawa


Wish Canada’s capital city a fantastic 150th birthday by walking around its historic lanes and avenues, and learn about the Canadian story by visiting the city’s museums and historic sights. Whilst there, check out the Byward Markets and do yoga on Parliament Hill.


5. Meet Polar bears and beluga whales in Manitoba


Meet (at a distance, of course!) some of nature’s most majestic creatures in the remote lands of Manitoba. From polar bears, beluga whales, wolves, caribou, and the elusive Canada lynx, the animal kingdom reigns supreme in this part of Canada. Don’t forget your camera!


6. See the Aurora borealis in Northwest Territories


Get a front row seat to nature’s spectacular light show, aka the Aurora borealis, in Canada’s Northwest Territories – undoubtedly the Aurora Capital of North America. The Northern Lights are most active between January and March.


7. Taste the Charlevoix region in Quebec


Wander through the artisan village of Baie Saint Paul and sample locally made cheese on the region’s flavour trail. The Charlevoix region in Quebec is an agrotourism hotspot and a magnet for foodies all over the world.


8. Road trip on Cape Breton Isand, Nova Scotia


Immerse yourself in this windswept land of towering lighthouses, quant townships and incredible natural scenery by driving the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. On the way you’ll witness the highest tides in the world and visit the historic city of Halifax.


9. Go mountain biking in British Columbia


Grab a bike and explore British Colombia’s great outdoors, and breathe in that fresh mountain air as incredible vistas unravel before you. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s many a bike trail in BC that meets your skill level and surpasses your expectations.


10. Experience French culture in Montreal


Get a taste of French sophistication and culture in Montreal – a slice of the Europe in North America. This cosmopolitan and dynamic city is the perfect mix of urban life, culture, diversity and history. And you don’t even need to speak French to enjoy it!

So what are you waiting for? Visit today and discover for yourself that Canada is much more than just iconic rail journeys and skiing in the Rockies.

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