The decision to explore Macao has been made, your tickets and hotel have been booked, and now you’re wondering how you’re going to see everything Macao has to offer in the space of 48-hours. Hmm…

Unfortunately, 48-hours isn’t enough time to see everything that this cultural gem has to offer, but it will give you a taste…

In fact, if you plan your trip right, you’ll be able to experience some of the best parts of Macao in just a couple of days. This mini-guide will help you do just that.

Are you ready to tuck right in?


Day one:

Step out and explore the historic centre on foot


Start your Macao adventure by setting off onto its historic centre on foot and walk amongst churches, temples and other examples of the peaceful coexistence of Chinese and Portuguese culture.

In 2005, the Historic Centre of Macao was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Sample Macanese, Chinese and Portuguese cuisine


Having worked (walked?) up an appetite, start your culinary love affair with Macao by tucking into some delicious Macanese, Chinese and Portuguese cuisine.

If there’s one thing this tiny Special Administrative Region of China is famous for, it’s its amazing food. Order anything and everything off the menu – you’re welcome!


Visit Macao Museum


Inject a dose of history into your 48-hour adventure by visiting the Macao Museum.

Housed in a building (built by the Jesuits) that dates back to the 17th century, the museum is a treasure trove of historical artefacts, informative exhibitions and free Wi-Fi throughout – use the Wi-Fi to post all those amazing pictures of the food you took earlier in the day!


Make a beeline to Coloane Island for Lord Stow’s egg tarts


Posting those food pics has probably made you hungry again by now, so it’s time to sample one of Macao’s most famous foods: the egg tart. But not just any egg tart – Lord Stow’s egg tart!

Making these delicious treats since 1989, Lord Stow’s Bakery & Café on nearby Coloane Island is famous all over the world, and with just one bite into their exquisite egg tarts, you’ll see why…


See a show, such as The House of Dancing Water


Hailed as the World’s Largest Water Extravaganza, The House of Dancing Water is an amazing full-stage theatre show replete with magical costumes, incredible special effects and record-breaking acts never seen before in a theatre.

At core a love story, this totally unique and totally spectacular show is the perfect way to end your first day in Macao with a bang!


Day two:

Visit the Panda Pavilion


Rested and ready for day two, head to the Panda Pavilion and get up close and personal with these adorable creatures.

There are six hour-long viewing sessions daily, from 10am to 4pm.


Take the elevator to the observation deck of Macao Tower


Get high in Macao and take the lift all the way up to the observation platform on Macao Tower for expansive views of the city and beyond.

For those that dare, an adrenalin-pumping stroll on the SkyWalk or a plunge on the bungee can be organised.


Explore Taipa Village and have lunch & beer at the Taipa Tavern


A warren of traditional Chinese shops and restaurants intermixed with the odd colonial villa, church and temple, Taipa Village has been seemingly lost in time, making it a pleasant place for a little exploration and perhaps a beer and some lunch at the Taipa Tavern.

Macao Beer Blonde Ale is particularly refreshing.


Wander along the Cotai Strip and have fun!


Built to resemble a little Las Vegas, the Cotai Strip is jam-packed with fun things to do.

Check out the theme parks and rides, visit a casino or two, or just shop ’till you drop – you’ve got a ton of options!


Take a breather in one of the parks in historic Macao


After a hectic day of exploration, it’s time for a breather and a picnic in one of the historic parts in Macao.

Camoes Garden is Macao’s oldest and largest park, spanning an area of 20,000 square meters. Casa Garden, although much smaller, is also perfect for a rest. Now the only thing left to do for the day is decide what you’re going to eat for dinner…

Ready to start your own 48-hour adventure in Macao? Then head over to for even more inspiration and information one exploring this pocket-sized Asian destination.

The food? The fun? The history? What do you like most about Macao? Let us know in the comments below…

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