For adventurers who want to see just how awesome the ocean’s coral reefs and marine life really is, a kayak company has the answer.


The Crystal Explorer from Florida’s Crystal Kayak Company is a completely transparent ‘glass bottomed’ canoe-kayak hybrid that lets you get up-close views of the water while gliding over it.

Talk about awesome.

Made from 100 percent Spanish Lexan, the same material used to make windshields in airplanes, the kayak is extremely durable when it comes to withstanding cracks. It’s also a lighter alternative to your typical kayak, at just 22kgs.

Which remarkably is only around the same weight as a 5 or 6 year old child.


Design elements like high sides, an open cockpit, and ergonomic Kayak seats placed low in the vessel allow for easy maneuvering through the waters and thanks to its two person spacing, you can also sit in tandem with an instructor or friend and enjoy the views. Nice!

Crystal Kayak Company launched the product, which has become their best-selling item, three years ago, but it was a drone video they shot a year back that truly put the item on the map.

The company, which ships its kayaks across the world, also works with hotels and rental companies, giving you the chance to try them out yourself at spots like the Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel in Negril, Jamaica, and Vegas Glass Kayaks in Las Vegas, Nevada.


“Being down in Florida and traveling often to the Bahamas, we have seen people who travel from all over the world to see exotic destinations, only to sit on the beach,” Maxfield said.

“We had been in one of these kayaks before where the sides were opaque but the bottom was transparent, but wanted a way to see more than just a 20 percent view, so we decided to create it to give people a reason to get out into the water,”

The kayaks, which cost US$1,499, also come with buffing pads, cleaning solution, a beach trolley for transport, wall hanging straps, and carbon-fiber paddles.

According to Maxfield, 80 percent of scratches can be removed with just a magic eraser, thanks to the materials used to create the kayak, all of which are marine-grade quality.

The company is currently working on various other transparent aquatic toys, coming soon!

Original Source: Travel+Leisure

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