The school holidays are drawing closer, and families are starting to feel the chill. While skiing holidays are being talked about non-stop, why not consider something different?

The season is actually perfect for a visit to the NT and QLD given it’s now the dry season and the temperatures have become milder.

We spoke to Bound Round – the #1 family travel website in APAC – for their insights into the top spots families are looking to visit this winter – that isn’t at the snow! Below are the top five places families are looking to go this winter, based on visitor traffic.


1. Tropical Paradise – Fiji



The absolute number one place that kids (and parents) seem to want to visit these days is Fiji. This tropical paradise is a haven for families.

Warm and kind locals, great resorts, endless water sports and endless adventures to be had it’s no wonder Fiji is the most popular international family holiday destination for Australian families.

Affordability adds to the compelling reasons many families make the great escape to Fiji over the winter school holidays.

There are many ‘outside the box’ experiences to be had, that not many people know about too. Check out the Sabeto Mud Baths as a fantastic, filthy family experience that the kids all find hilarious!

Bound Round Reporter Caitlyn says, “With so many awesome experiences to be had, you’ll never be bored.

Don’t just stick by the beach or at the resort though – the best experiences are once you get exploring! My must do’s are snorkelling with the manta rays, visiting the mud baths and going on the Sigatoka Off Road Cave Safari. There’s so much rich culture to experience here.”


2. Aboriginal heritage and culture – Darwin & Tiwi Islands

Tiwi Island

Tiwi Island

Getting a true appreciation for the traditional land owners of our country and learning more about their intriguing culture is something many families long for, but aren’t exactly sure of where they can go to be truly immersed in it.

While Uluru is often front and centre, there is one amazing destination not many families have heard of – but should. The Tiwi Islands, off the coast of Darwin is a totally unique place to visit.

They can view traditional art and burial poles, witness smoking ceremonies, and interact with the local Aboriginal community, gaining valuable insights into the complex history and culture of this ancient land. A visit to the Tiwi Islands leaves its mark on everyone who visits.

Bound Round Reporter Lucy says, “there’s nothing more Australian than visiting the Tiwi people on the Tiwi Islands. Your eyes get opened to so much of their culture and the culture we should all be so proud of.”


3. Animal Attraction – Tropical North Queensland

Cairns Tropical Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo

Kids love animals. No matter how old they are, there’s something exciting and enthralling about seeing animals do the things they do.

Even if it’s just to lie in a heated enclosure, snoring the day away like most snakes do! So if a family holiday includes animals, then for most parents, you’re onto a winner.

Here is where our homeland wins out. Families should head to the tropical north to escape the winter cold and explore the endless number of amazing animal attractions to be found.

With Wildlife Sanctuaries like the Turtle sanctuary on Fitzroy Island, native zoos like the Cairns Tropical Zoo, and the Barrier Reef right on your doorstep, Tropical North Queensland has it all.

Bound Round Reporter Mia says “We’ve done a heap of holidays where we’ve come face to face with animals, but I’d have to say feeding a croc at Hartley’s is high on my list of highlights. Oh, and diving in the Reef with all that amazing coral and fish of every colour, that was something I’ll never forget!”


4. The Biggest and the Best – Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Kids love Fraser Island. The world’s largest sand island, it’s easy to see why. From whale watching to glow worm explorations, and waterfalls plunging through caves, there’s a ton of reasons that families love Fraser.

With a temperate climate, crystal clear water, and the whitest sands, Fraser Island feels a mile away from the wintery conditions hitting the more southern parts of the country.

With beach adventure aplenty (like 4 wheel driving along the dunes) and fishing season in full swing, a trip to Fraser Island is a great option for families wanting to get away from the winter chill.

As Bound Round Reporter Clancy said ‘seeing the dingoes on the beach is awesome especially when you’re also able to check out a shipwreck at the same time! Fraser Island has heaps of activities to do and it’s a World Heritage Site so there’s nowhere quite like it anywhere else in the world.’


5. London Launchpad

London Hogwarts

London Hogwarts

If the family are eager explorers of the European kind, then they’ll certainly agree with the last addition to the list. London has come up trumps as the firm favourite European location for travelling kids.

Accessibility to European cities is a big reason families rave about their London experiences, and also its strong cultural tie to our own Aussie heritage is something a lot of kids find intriguing.

Culture aside, firm favourites for kids visiting London are tours of the London Dungeon for an gruesome and gory look into the Jack the Ripper case, and the amazing, mystical, mystery tour of Hogwarts at the Harry Potter exhibit at Warner Bros Studios!

Bound Round Reporter Kitty said ‘London has so much to do for families! Not only can you see all the royal buildings and historic places you always hear about, but you can also go to theme parks as well as explore the woods and English countryside only half an hour from the city!’

What’s your favourite destination for a family holiday?