Searching for palm-studded fun in the sun in Sydney or craving the magnificent metropolis of Melbourne? One of these top cities is the perfect destination for your next big trip, the other… Really isn’t.

Sydney might be the best known Australian city in the world to many tourists, but according to Time Out’s recent City Index, it certainly isn’t the most exciting.

The magazine surveyed 20,000 travellers with a series of 81 questions on six key features of 18 major cities across the globe, but it was another one of Australia’s gorgeous destinations that came out as one of the top cities.

Top Cities Melbourne

Melbourne rules it seems

Rated top notch for its strong community spirit and affordable living costs, Melbourne came in second only to Chicago as one of the top locations.

Americans might be best known for their patriotism (and french fries) but it was a whopping 73 percent of Mebournians who said they were head over heels for their hometown. Which is probably why it’s been voted the most liveable city in the world for an incredible six years in a row by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Both Chicago and Melbourne, though in different corners of the globe, also made it high on the list for the best food and drink.

Following closely behind Chicago and Melbourne in the top 18, were Lisbon (3rd), New York (4th), Madrid (5th), Mexico City (6th), Sao Paolo (7th), Los Angeles (8th), Barcelona (9th) and London (1oth).

Top Cities Chicago

Chicago hit the overall #1 for its community vibe, food & drink and affordability

Sydney meanwhile was a much sadder story, ranking all the way down at third last for fun out of the 18 cities, outdoing only the desolate former jewel, Dubai, and Malaysia’s largely forgotten capital of Kuala Lumpur.

So how did the sister cities stack up when it comes to relationships?

Well, both Sydney and Melbourne dwellers were found to have an average of 16 good friends (considerably more than the other cities) however the Sydney mates were found to be some sad but ‘sexed-up’ individuals.

Put it this way, if there’d been a Tinder usage statistic for this report, Sydney would have blown everyone out of the water.

Top Cities Sydney

Sydney was described as drab and dull compared 16 other cities.

Sure, Sydney didn’t score many major points in the survey but at least it ranked high for one thing… Even if that thing happened to be one-night stands and office flings! Strangely enough, when asked if “there’s always something new to do”, a meagre 22 per cent of those surveyed answered in the affirmative.

Unlike its northerly neighbour, Melbourne was described by over half of those surveyed as,

“an energising, inspiring place to live”.
Top Cities Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most iconic and vibrant destinations

As for the other cities on the list, New York hit the top spot for being the most accepting and expressive city, while Lisbon is allegedly the new “City of Love”.

If its wild sex and vibrant clubbing you’re looking for then Madrid, Miami and even Paris are the places to be! Oh yeah, and definitely Sydney.

Where’s your favourite city in the world? What makes it so great?