Away from the crowds and the impostors in shopping centres around the world, the real Santa is busy answering letters and preparing everything for that one special day in late December.

But he’s totally up for taking some time out of his busy schedule to meet with his fans – that is, if you can find him!

Although we can never be sure of his EXACT location, we do know he likes to hang out in Scandinavia. I mean, how could you blame him? We’d live there too if we could, especially during Christmas when the region is blanketed with soft, white snow, making it look like you live in a snow-globe!

But back to Santa. If you want to meet Mr. Claus and have your own unique Christmas experience this year in Scandinavia, you may just find Santa…


1. Snowmobiling in Northern Finland


Did you know that Santa’s reindeers are only used on special occasions? It’s true. During the rest of the year, Santa gets around on his snowmobile, and he loves tearing it up in Northern Finland for a bit of fun away from the toy factory. Go Santa!

Oh, and when his snowmobile is in for a service (usually once a year), Santa uses his time very wisely by training his huskies and taking his guests on little safaris!

So if you happen to find yourself in Northern Finland, especially in Äkäslompolo in Finnish Lapland, that jolly man zooming around on his snowmobile may just be the man you’re looking for…


2. Telling stories at the Aurora Safari Camp in Sweden


A floating sauna at the Aurora Safari Camp.

You may not know this, but Santa is a talker – a HUGE talker – and he’s got many a story to tell about his journeys around the world making children ever so happy.

Indeed, before his one big day of work on the night of 24 December, you have a pretty good chance of finding him sitting around at the Aurora Safari Camp – a unique, African style of accommodation – in Northern Sweden telling his stories over the orange glow of a campfire.

That’s when he’s not staring in awe at the Aurora Borealis above, spotting the wild moose and deer that live in this part of Swedish Lapland, or relaxing in a floating sauna (pictured above).


3. Chilling at the Lyngen Lodge in Norway


Lyngen Lodge in Winter. Credit: Graham Austick.

Let it be known: being Santa Claus is one stressful job, and you can’t blame the old man for wanting to get away from it all from time to time.

When Santa wants to unwind and relax, there’s one place he loves to visit… The Lyngen Lodge in Northern Norway is far above the Arctic Circle and set amongst snow-capped mountains and forests overlooking the Lyngen Fjord – yep, pure beauty!

Add to that the luxury lodge’s top quality cuisine and excellent facilities – including a sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi – and you can see why Santa likes to hang his hat here.


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