Events are the foundation of the travel industry that we all love!

In today’s always on digital world of incessant messaging, video conferencing and online driven communications, there’s never been a more relevant and important need for events.

Events are the human connection we all crave and our chance to meet in person, share experiences and align ourselves with our peers old and new.

From attending local and international company conferences, product launches, roadshows, social events, incentive trips or famils – events are the lifeblood of the travel industry and often life changing experiences never to be forgotten.

Put on an event to remember

Can you remember the last disappointing event you went to? What was it that you remember about it? Was it the poor quality AV? The music or the food?

Showcase the story of your event

Creating quality video, photographs and content of your event maximises the investment long after the event is over. From sharing the event with the people who didn’t go, to using the video content as a prop for sponsorship dollars or a consumer tool, nothing else can match video for bringing an event to life on screen.

“After all the time and investment you’ve spent in organising and putting on your amazing event – wouldn’t it be a waste to not capture the experience in video?”

You can even produce multiple pieces of dynamic video content to show during and post the event. Interviews, testimonials, documentaries, profiles and live streaming – it’s all possible!

Why choose KarryOn Events for your next production?

In partnership with our video agency Leedham Creative, we’ve worked with many of the industries leading brands such as The Travel Corporation, AIMEHelloworldFlight CentreAdventure World and TFE Hotels to produce engaging video for events, TV ads, product launches, sales initiatives, corporate communications and destinational promotions.

With a bank of local and worldwide videographers to call on we can bring flexibility and cost effectiveness to your next video project. We can also ensure your video gets seen in more places to drive the response you need to amplify your product or brand. And it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Ready to start a conversation and boost the quality of your events? Let’s have a chat.