The travel industry ain’t no religion, but travel agents are remarkably similar to your average Christian. For example, both love to drink wine – it’s only the amount that differs…

And both are subject to sinning…

So beware agents – here are five totally unforgivable travel agent sins…



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It doesn’t matter how much of a gun you are, don’t be that douche that parades their monthly commission figures around the store like those pretty girls in between rounds at a boxing match.

Instead, be humble, be kind, and offer to help those in your store (or area) struggling to make their commission targets improve their game.



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It’s human to compare ourselves to others and envy those that are doing better than us – in work, at school, in life in general. But don’t get all jelly just because Sarah closed a 15k booking in the morning or James won an Oktoberfest famil after selling tons of Topdeck tours.

Put all your energy into following up with those people that popped into the store last week instead, and feel happy for your workmates. Your time will come around.



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Marking up is all well and good – think of it as your service charge.

But get too greedy and you’ll have crossed the line into Sinville where you’ll be doomed spending the rest of eternity trying to sell Business Class fares to first-year uni students.




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We all know how frustrating customers can be at times. Being a travel agent is stressful, and unfortunately rude customers are an occupational hazard.

But you’re a professional, and that means keeping your cool even when the tyre-kicker in front of you asks if there’s something cheaper than that steal-of-a-fare you found for $389 return to Bali during mid December.



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There’s nothing wrong with hooking up with someone in the industry. After all, it’s really hard not to, what with all the hotties that work in travel and all the free booze.

But you need to control your lusty desires. Although it’s okay to have the occasional fling with someone that doesn’t work in your store or office, you don’t want to be known as “that guy or girl” that sleeps with anything that moves.

Are you a sinner? Confess in the comments below…