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Achieve your dreams with TravelManagers (& no joining fee this month)

They say dreams are free, and this month TravelManagers agrees, waiving their joining fee for new and established agents who move to TravelManagers during May and June. Your dream of achieving success as a home-based mobile travel agent starts with you being bold and saying 'yes'; from there, TravelManagers will be with you every step of the way.

They say dreams are free, and this month TravelManagers agrees, waiving their joining fee for new and established agents who move to TravelManagers during May and June. Your dream of achieving success as a home-based mobile travel agent starts with you being bold and saying ‘yes’; from there, TravelManagers will be with you every step of the way.

Everyone needs a Cinderella-style Fairy Godmother when they’re ready to make big changes in their life. Cue TravelManagers, with 17 years of direct, practical experience providing specialist support for mobile agents.

TravelManagers offer a tried and tested formula to help every new and savvy business owner flourish.

Whether you’re a metropolitan city slicker or in outback Oodnadatta, TravelManagers has the know-how and can-do to help you launch or level up your home-based agency.

With the highest number of home-based mobile advisors throughout Australia, they know how to cater to your needs and those of your clients, no matter where you live across our sunburnt land.

So, you want to be your own boss

If you’ve been itching to make a change (but maybe a little bit nervous about it), knowing that you’re not entirely flying solo is as valuable as the skills and charisma you bring to the table.

TravelManagers has an abundance of touchpoints that keep you on track and a proven track record in support and proactivity.

Whether you’re a twenty year travel industry veteran or an experienced third year consultant and ready to switch to being your own boss, or if you’re an agency owner and want to simply convert to being home-based and mobile friendly, then the flexibility of the TravelManagers network is ideal for you.

Experienced PTMs Mimi Song and Cathy Moir

After hearing positive feedback from her industry friends. Mimi Song from Hawthorn, VIC, moved to TravelManagers. She shared, “I decided to move to home-based mobile consulting as I loved the idea of working for myself, but with a solid backup support team. The remuneration opportunity was also an important factor.

Mimi continues, “TravelManagers help with legal and operational aspects, too, giving me a sense of security and confidence to run my own business, focusing on the areas where I naturally excel.”

When you sign up as a personal travel manager (PTM), you partner with TravelManagers, ensuring you stay the boss of you. Consider TravelManagers more like a mentor or advisor to your business challenges, in true partnership style.

Support your way

Having a proven team behind you takes the guesswork out of running a home-based agency and takes the pressure off. Your travel knowledge and relationship skills, combined with the skill set of the National Partnership Office (NPO) team equal a sure-fire winner.

You can allow your natural talents to flourish and rely on TravelManagers for support for things that currently feel out of your wheelhouse or that you simply don’t enjoy.

TravelManagers is a one-stop-shop with a range of successful systems, such as:

  • Fares and ticketing
  • Marketing support, including your own website and newsletter
  • Accounts
  • Customer service (including dealing with customer and supplier issues)
  • Product & systems training – including new PTM induction
  • Assets to support every facet of your business
  • Legal
  • Operational
  • Plus, online (and now in-person) supplier functions

All aspects of your back-end support come with training, of course.

Cathy Moir, a 15-year TravelManagers veteran, said, “We have a brilliant NPO marketing team who provide on-point newsletters to automatically send to our database, or we can create ourselves on the email marketing platform.

“The marketing team also creates branded assets which make my job easier when promoting deals. Plus, there’s support from the Business Partnership team for business planning, collaboration, and connecting us to suppliers (this was particularly handy during COVID) and other PTMs.”

On top of TravelManagers’ back-end systems, you get to utilise the buying power of TravelManagers, giving you access to competitive rates with all key suppliers. Great if you’re looking to expand your niche areas as your business grows. This includes access to the North America-based Signature Travel Network with its extensive portfolio of luxury hotels, resorts, tour operators, destination management companies, and speciality providers.

Support beyond the norm

Mental health TravelManagers unsplash

While you may expect a business like TravelManagers to have the above attributes, you’ll probably find the perk of receiving six free annual professional health and wellbeing counselling sessions a pleasant surprise.

While it’s easy to think you may not need support with life’s stressors, COVID has taught us that anything can happen. It’s additional peace of mind that TravelManagers prioritises your mental health along with your business’s financial health. They make a commitment to ride the good times and bad with you.

You also have your dedicated local state-based Business Partnership Managers for assistance, with regular catch-ups that ensure you can flag potential issues long before they are anything but a blip on your journey to travel agency success. Of course, they’ll enjoy celebrating your wins, too; the goal is for everyone to thrive at TravelManagers.

Peace of mind guarantee

One of the key fears for new businesses is getting it wrong and exposing themselves financially. Thankfully, TravelManagers offer a Consumer Peace of Mind guarantee that gives your clients – and you – confidence that their travel funds are in good hands. After the chaos of our industry in 2020, this is an ideal selling point for any nervous travellers returning to the skies.

TravelManagers’ guarantee accompanies their proactive approach to business. During COVID, when other travel industry businesses had shuttered their stores or culled their plans, TravelManagers saw an opportunity to review and plan for the travel resurgence we’re experiencing right now.

And it’s not too late to join; with so many leaving the travel industry over the past two years (and choosing to remain out of it), there’s no better time to serve clients as they rush to return to the world’s most iconic landmarks.

All the deets to your dream career

If you’re wondering if you should take this leap of faith, how does a little sign-up teaser sound to sweeten the deal? It’s easier to be bold when there’s less to lose, and TravelManagers is waiving their joining fee for applicants who reach out in May and sign up before the 30th of June 2022.

Your future starts now. Partner in confidence with Australia’s most successful specialist home-based mobile travel advisor business today! Find out more here.

Curious but want more evidence? Read recent testimonials from existing Personal Travel Managers here, here, and here. Alternatively, reach out to a PTM in a network near you for a first-hand account of their experience.

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