Like The Lonely Island and T-Pain, she’ll be able to tell the world she’s “on a boat” when she claims her prize – a small ship Adventure Cruise in Southeast Asia.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to Karen Strybis from Helloworld Travel Gosford for winning the Peregrine Adventures’ Golden Ticket Incentive this week.


Happy for you

Her prize for completing the brand’s new Asia Adventure Cruising training module, finding the golden ticket and winning the draw, is… receiving a place on Peregrine’s new Southeast Asia Adventure Cruise travelling from Phuket to Penang in December.

She’ll receive a unique cruising experience of the area with 50 travellers or less to places in Thailand and Malaysia that can’t be accessed by larger ships.

Karen - Golden Ticket Winner

Peregrine Adventures’ Cruising Brand Manager, Filippos Venetopoulos said the brand is “thrilled” to have Karen join the new trip, during which she’ll visit “small ports for a more local experience”.

Bet she’s thrilled too and dancing around like…

dancing around 2

Click here for more information on Peregrine Adventures’ new small ship cruising options.


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Are you keen to try Peregrine Adventures’ new small ship cruises to Southeast Asia?