So you think Travel Agents are losing business, on the brink of extinction, no longer necessary to society, no longer needed for travel bookings and they’re completely useless?

Pshht, then why are you scrolling through a website dedicated to Travel Agents?


Anyway, if you truly believe all those things then sorry bruh, but you’re wrong.

Travel agent group financial results (Flight Centre, Helloworld Travel, Travellers Choice etc. prove more and more business is coming through consultants, they’re still deemed the safest way to book a holiday, they come with a personal (human) touch and more importantly, they know they’ll be around for a long time to come!


According to new research conducted by Travellers Choice, the group’s consultants are so optimistic about their future that some 36 percent expect they’ll either need to hire more employees or open new stores in the next three years.

LOVE the confidence!

Another 44 percent said their growth is also on the rise but expect they won’t need new staff or stores until four- to- seven years time.


Travellers Choice’s Managing Director Christian Hunter said the results were encouraging for the company and the retail travel sector as Agents are clearly confident about their future.

“Results demonstrate a confidence in the ongoing viability of the traditional retail travel model and that bodes well not just for the long-term future of our group but of the broader retail travel industry.”

Christian Hunter, Travellers Choice Managing Director

Sadly, there was a small three percent of Travellers Choice members who were concerned about their futures in the industry, saying they do not expect to be trading within seven years.

C’mon guys, stay positive!


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How do you see the future of Travel Agents?