This hilarious travel agent makes the most relatable Facebook videos and you definitely need to watch them when you feel like you need a laugh!

It’s hump day, you’ve got a coffee in hand (as it’s too early for wine) and you’ve just realised that those SYD-ADL flights you ticketed yesterday have a one-measly-letter typo.


Your heart sinks and you have to take three deep belly breaths because you know, ever-so-well, how this airline phone call is going to go…

In the typed words of ‘Sebastian’, ‘I AM SO FED UP WITH THE AIRLINES CHARGING FEES ON TOP OF FEES. $150 TO FIX NAME! GINA/NOVA MRS one letter wrong !! $150!’

Who can relate???


What is Sebastian’s Travel Gossip?

Karry On - Hilarious Agent

The genius behind the camera is ‘Sassy Seb’, ‘A real-life Travel Agent taking a satirical look at the wonderful world of all things travel.’

He has one of the best Facebook pages on the internet because he says literally everything every travel agent in the country is thinking!

In his #airlineripoffs video, he says:

“I’m thinking about starting my own airline love, I am so sick of the airlines, it’s just one fee after another.”
“Oh and they love human error, it seems to be a cash cow for them!”
“I rang up the airline, and I won’t say who they are but they’re charging me $150 for name correction, it’s just one simple letter!”

His airline would obviously be brilliant; no fees on fees, no long phone holds, lots of fun and flights to exotic destinations!

Would you book your clients on it?!

He’s just too funny.

Click here to watch the video!