Asian travel company Buffalo Tours was already committed to responsible travel. Now the company wants to have a more powerful impact by creating more initiatives to ensure that the benefits of tourism are received firsthand by disadvantaged communities.

In collaboration with local NGOs and community leaders, Buffalo Tours is putting in place opportunities for marginalised individuals through tourism.


In practical terms, this is what it looks like: incorporating more social enterprises into the supply chain, funding education and vocational training and creating new tours and experiences that directly benefit local communities.

“This year we plan to develop at least 20 new tours that support responsible tourism, as well as implement a number of initiatives and training programs for the benefit of local communities.”

 Graham Harper, Buffalo Tours’ Director of Educational and Responsible Travel.

Buffalo Tours primarily works with social enterprises that give vocational training in hospitality, catering, leisure and tourism.

They are also piloting a new project to provide education and training for disadvantaged youth, through a guide school program known as Destination Ambassadors.

Buffalo Tours

Destination Ambassadors was launched in 2017 in Bali and provides young Indonesians with guide training, language courses and employment opportunities.

The cost of the program is carried by Buffalo Tours, including a monthly stipend for participants to support themselves and their family while enrolled.

“All destinations can benefit immensely from an inclusive tourism economy, not only to help support community development, but also to provide travellers with better experiences and quality services.”

Malte Blas, Communications Lead for the Buffalo Tours Responsible Travel Working Group.

Last year, 36 people completed the Destination Ambassadors program. After seeing the success of the program Buffalo Tours is expanding it to Vietnam and Thailand.

Buffalo Tours has also partnered with local NGO BaliWISE to help provide marginalised women in Bali with education and employment opportunities. 120 women completed their internships between January 2017 and April 2018

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The tour company’s ultimate goal is to “push even harder to develop long-term solutions for the benefit of travellers and our host communities”.

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