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Friday Showdown: MTA versus Travel Counsellors

Friday really is the most exciting day of the week, what with the weekend just on the horizon AND the chance to witness two travel heavy weights battling it out in another Friday Showdown.

Friday really is the most exciting day of the week, what with the weekend just on the horizon AND the chance to witness two travel heavy weights battling it out in another Friday Showdown.

This week we’re pitting two home-based travel agents against each other in a duel that will give one travel company bragging rights and the other a bruised ego.

But unfortunately, Terry is sick today, so we’ve called in his colleague Tina to adjudicate the match.

Tina’s worked alongside Terry for years (there have even been rumours of a romantic relationship between the two) and has refereed over 350 fights in her 12 year career – so we’re in good hands here today.

In today’s battle, we’re asking both agents to demonstrate their high level of customer service and ability to go above and beyond in helping their clients have the holiday of a lifetime.

It’s going to be a tough match, with both agents priding themselves on their almost superhero-like powers of customer service.

So without further ado, let’s hand things over to Tina.

TINA: Thanks Shaun.

I just want to take a quick moment to wish Terry a speedy recovery…



Get well Terry.

Anyway, so today in the red corner we have Samantha – an MTA agent from East Victoria Park in Perth, WA.

She used to be a flighty at a high-performing CBD store in Perth, but made the change to home-based consulting six months ago.

In that short time, she’s effectively doubled her income, cut her working week down to 20 hours, and is absolutely loving life at the moment – the joys of being your own boss…

Let’s hear it for Samantha!


(Samantha walks over to Tina, and grabs the mic.)

SAMANTHA: Yeah, it’s Sam, not Sa-man-tha…

(Tina grabs the mic back.)

TINA: Yes, thanks Sam…

And in the stripy green, blue and yellow corner we have Jenny.

She’s a Travel Counsellor from Henley Beach in Adelaide with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

An eagle at heart, but with peacock tendencies, she’s known to be able to smash three beers in under 30 seconds.

Give it up for Jenny!


TINA: Let’s have a clean and fair fight girls.


**Round one.**


Ready? Set? Go!

And Sam is off to a killer start.

She’s organised groceries to be delivered to her client’s door the night of their arrival back home after a tiring 14-hour flight from Dubai.

There’s microwavable dinners, a bottle of red wine, and a tub of chocolate chip ice-cream in the hamper she’s just ordered.

Great move Sam!



TINA: Just look at this guy’s face! Oo the passion!

But Jenny doesn’t look too impressed.

In fact, she’s actually smiling. She’s just told her client M (name withheld for confidentiality reasons) that she will drive to a cafe around the corner from where M works to talk about M’s upcoming wedding in Boracay.

And she’s even managed to fast-track the client’s partner’s visa at the Philippines Consulate – in the space of 53 seconds.




TINA: But wait – Sam has just found out her client wants to do a 5-day EagleRider motorcycle tour through Nevada on her upcoming trip to the USA. And because she’s isn’t tied to certain preferred wholesalers – who may not always deal with a company a client wants to book something with – she can!

She can book WHATEVER the client wants.

Now that’s customer service!


TINA: But now Jenny has just booked one of her clients bargain flights to South America through Facebook messenger.

As we all know, mobile travel agents are in complete control of their travel businesses, and many of them are now using the power of social to get business done.

Mobile agents really are keeping up with the times and making things easier for their clients…

But now Sam has found –


That’s it guys and girls.

We’ve run out of time!

What a great battle between these two giants of the mobile travel agent world who showed just what they can do for their clients.

Thanks to both Sam and Jenny for a great fight and we look forward to hearing from our audience who they think deserved to win.

Back to you Shaun.

SHAUN: Thanks Tina, great stuff.

As you heard from Tina guys, the decision as to who should be crowned the winner in this battle of customer service is totally up to you…

**Samantha (Sam) and Jenny are completely made up and bear no resemblance to any living travel agent.

***Did you check out last Friday’s showdown between Student Flights and STA yet?

So who do you think won this Friday showdown?