In what is a truly fantastic win for society and vote for common sense, Australian paedophiles will have their passports cancelled under strict new laws to be unveiled by the Turnbull government.

The changes follow high-profile cases of child exploitation in southeast Asia and fervent campaigning from the work of Glen Hulley and travel industry supported Project Karma and aided by anti-paedophile senator Derryn Hinch.

According to a story in the Age this morning, the laws will “prohibit convicted offenders from travelling oversea s in a bid to protect children in developing countries.”

Sickeningly, there are more than 20,000 Australians on the National Child Offender Register.


Senator Derryn Hinch

Senator Hinch, who has spoken out loudly against child sex offenders throughout his time as a broadcaster, said he was “over the moon” with the changes, which he has pushed for following his election to Parliament in 2016.

“It would be the best thing I’ve achieved in my time here,” he told Fairfax Media, labelling the trips taken by offenders – particularly to nearby Asian countries – “child rape holidays”.

“People say what about their civil rights? Well when you rape a child, you lose some of your civil rights, from my point of view.”

The Victorian senator, who said he had worked closely with the government on drafting the legislation, foreshadowed exemptions in exceptional circumstances, including family emergencies.


Glen Hulley, Founder Project Karma

Project Karma is a not for profit organisation founded by former Victorian Police Officer Glen Hulley and operates in South East Asia to work with local authorities against child exploitation.

The organisation has strong ties to the travel industry and been heavily funded and supported by a host of Australian Travel businesses and individuals including Mark Luckey and team at RoomsXML, Gate7, Travel Managers as well as us here at KarryOn.

It’s a fine example of how as an industry we can all do so much to help ensure the long term sustainability and safety of the societies and destinations we send our clients to and visit ourselves.

It is ‘Travel to change the world’ in action.


Late last year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull labelled child sex tourists “the worst grubs you can imagine” and a “disgrace to Australia”.

“It’s very simple, we don’t want Australians travelling to South-East Asia for what is – for these sexual, criminal activities,” M r Turnbull told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

Please join us in saying a massive thank you for the continued ongoing work of Project Karma and the many Travel Industry businesses who have generously supported them.

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