24 hours on from the hideous events in Manchester, stories of the power of human spirit are pouring in as a show of defiance against those who seek to undermine people’s freedom.

In a united stand of remembrance, positivity and strength, a vigil was held in central Albert Square yesterday evening (1800 UK time) with thousands of Mancunian’s coming together to pay their respects and show that the great city of the north of England will not cave to such heinous acts from anyone.


Crowds flocked to the cities Albert Square

There was an impeccable, full five minutes of silence with a number of the cities religious and political leaders delivering impassioned speeches before the thousands gathered broke into a chant of the city’s name.

Most memorable of all was that of local poet, Tony Walsh who unerringly recited his emotionally charged and humorous Manchester poem ‘This is the place’.

Elsewhere, the heart warming stories continued to roll in.

A justgiving.com page ‘We stand together Manchester’ has already raised an incredible AUD$1.3m in 24 hours to support families of those affected.

The homeless have also been hailed heroes for racing to the scene to help.

Chris Parker, 33, had been begging in the arena foyer when the event took place. But instead of running away, he ran to help and comfort the many injured, some fatally.

Whilst Stephen Jones, 35, who had been sleeping rough near the arena in the northwest English city, also ran to help deal with the aftermath.

Separate Crowdfunding pages have since been set up for both Parker and Jones and have already raised more than AU$23,000 and AU$18,000 respectively.

Mr Parkers page was set up by Michael Johns, who according to Yahoo, said he felt compelled to help “one of our most vulnerable in society who showed great selflessness and courage”.

People also gave blood in their droves…

And everywhere it seemed, people just wanted to share their story of good over evil to do their bit to help.

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From hundreds of Social media likes, shares and comments to messages, emails and calls, we were overwhelmed with positive responses yesterday with not a single piece of hatred or negativity mentioned anywhere.

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Have you seen or heard of more amazing human stories coming out of Manchester? Share your thoughts below.