As fun as it would be & try as Travel Agents might, they (unfortunately) can’t attend every educational or famil available and therefore are unable to be worldwide destination experts.

It’s impossible for Travel Agents to complete every fam trip because they’re hard to win, they need to be shared around the office and at some point, consultants do need to be in the office making those sales.



Fortunately there are tools available for consultants to absorb as much product and destination knowledge as possible including online training programs, events, BDM visits and trade-specific news websites such as KARRYON.

There’s also one extremely effective yet underutilised means for consultants to borrow first-hand destination knowledge – talking to their peers.


Michelle [third from left] says she gains a lot of in-depth product information from peers.

WA-based Travel Agent, Michelle Edmead, who recently took part in TravelManagers’ Best Practice/Business Focus Days, said one of her biggest takeaways from the state gathering was the in-depth product information she obtained from fellow consultants.

She said consultants shared details on recent trips to popular and unusual destinations (from expedition cruising down the Labrador Coast to sightseeing in Port Louis in Mauritius), which she’s certain will come in handy when working with future clients.


“[I] picked up some great in-depth product knowledge that I’m looking forward to passing on to my clients.”

Michelle Edmead, Personal Travel Manager

Victoria-based Travel Agent, Melanie Carter, concurred with Michelle, saying that she enjoys hearing the different perspectives her colleagues bring in terms of product/destination knowledge and business building.


“[PTMs have] an incredible openness and willingness to share knowledge and experience,” she said. “I really enjoy the spirit of sharing and support amongst the PTMs.”

“We all have our own way of doing things, so I always love to hear how other PTMs run their business processes and their reasons for doing so.”


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