When hundreds of TravelManagers flock into a destination (domestic or international) for their annual conference, they’ll always take time out to give something back to the local community.

It’s a heart-warming tradition that’s seen PTMs rebuild a school playground in Fiji in 2012, decorate a rehabilitation centre for children in Adelaide in 2015 and get their hands dirty in a Bangkok slum in 2016.

Over the weekend, at the 2017 Darwin event, the group once again gathered to help make a difference and this time it was while sweating it out.


Some 400 Travel Agents and their closest suppliers went for a 7km charity walk to raise awareness and funds for ‘Helping People Achieve’, a non government organisation providing services to Territorians with an intellectual, physical or mental disability.

Consultants and their closest suppliers raised nearly $8,000 for the mass stroll from Darwin Trailer Boat Club to Dudley’s Point.


Returning to the Boat Club red-faced and sweaty, Travel Agents were able to meet some of the people they were supporting before enjoying some fresh watermelon…


Taking part in shirt painting activities…


And competing in a game of volleyball…


TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, said helping communities is a “very big part” of the company’s culture and it was an honour to be able to support a cause such as Helping People Achieve.

“We made our own steps today to support such a great cause. We feel very honoured to be associated with the organisation.”

Michael Gazal, TravelManagers Executive General Manager


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Join us in congratulating TravelManagers on making a difference.