More and more Aussies are travelling in droves to cycle their way around Switzerland’s iconic and untouched charms.

Aussies have always been passionate about peaks and cheeses on any day but when it comes to visiting Switzerland, we know exactly what we’re looking for.

In 2017 there was a massive increase of Australians visiting Switzerland with records showing that we achieved the highest overnight stays of all time.


Previously Switzerland was a stopover destination or just part of a multi-country itinerary. Today, Switzerland has become the main holiday destination with Aussies appreciating it for its pristine lakes, local delicacies and meandering pathways.

“Not only are more Aussies heading over to Switzerland, they are also spending more time exploring and getting to know the country”

Mark Wettstein, Director of Switzerland Tourism AU & NZ.

Ok, Roger is great but cycling is even better and is just one of many reasons that Aussies love Switzerland.

There are now 12 ways you can cycle around and enjoy the sights. Check out these Summer Stories for more.

1. A summit of legends

2. A mountain pass route

3. Almost like in days gone by

4. Castle hopping by bike

5 . Nothing is more liberating than riding a bike

6. On the trail of pros

7. From single trail to gnocchi feast

8. Where even people set down roots

9. La Route Verte – treasures of the Jura

10. Simply combine a train, boat and cycling tour

11. Take a “brake” for Jurassic hospitality

12. Welcome to the wilderness

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Australians are prefering the mountains and the more remote, unknown towns and villages.

“Our target demographics are largely outdoor enthusiasts, adventure tourers and nature lovers; and while the 2017 theme of ‘Nature Wants You Back’ will continue this year, our new summer campaign will focus on road cycling and biking.”

Switzerland Tourism’s summer campaign will launch in April 2018.

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Are you seeing an increase in demand for Switzerland?