Overtourism: a term we are, unfortunately, all too familiar with in the travel industry. But have you ever stopped to consider that as a Travel Agent, you could play an important role in helping to curb the phenomenon?

Travel Agent Alex Temblador wrote a thought-provoking piece for Travel Pulse Canada that looked into just that.

He says there are a few really important things Travel Agents can keep in mind when sending their clients on holidays.


1. Consider low or off-season travel

Travelling in peak season might mean the best weather – but do your clients really want to fight with hordes of tourists?

Low season can be totally underrated. Not only will your clients find more peace and get a better rat bute, it will also help reduce the impact overtoursim has on the area.


2. Offer Off-the-Beaten-Path alternatives


Weekly excursions are on the schedule, including an island boat trip.

If you have flexibility with the itineraries you offer… you have the power to point to destinations that don’t suffer from overtourism.

Alex points out that some tourism boards are pushing travellers to visit lesser-known destinations like the Travel Authority of Thailand promoting “Emerging Destinations” in 2019.

“Not only can you battle overtourism by offering amazing alternatives, but you may be offering your client a more memorable and unique travel experience,” he points out.


3. Trust Your Client


Image: Lonely Planet/Unsplash

Thankfully more and more travellers are considering the ethics of travel when booking their trip.

Don’t feel awkward in telling your client that a destination they’re considering does suffer from overtourism.

Perhaps they will welcome your suggestions on ways to avoid the peak period or consider different destinations.


Have you supported your clients in seeking out new destinations?