What is it like to belong to a nationwide network of travel professionals that gives you all the support you need to be your own boss and help you create a life that ticks all of your boxes?

We recently had a chat with personal travel managers Maria and Louise from regional Australia about how they’ve managed to create a life and career that gives them greater freedom, flexibility and financial rewards since joining TravelManagers.


L to R: Louise and Maria.

What drives your passion for travel? 

We both enjoy travelling ourselves and we have had plenty of opportunities to experience many countries first hand; this passion for travel allows us to create memorable trips for our clients.

TravelManagers is the perfect partner to grow our businesses and our support our lifestyles.

How has being a personal travel manager allowed you the freedom to do the things that matter to you most?  

Being able to work the hours that suit us and fit in with our family lifestyle and commitments. We would never go back to the normal 9 to 5 grind as the freedom and flexibility we have is life-changing!

We are able to work where and when we want and still fully support our clients’ needs.

How do you juggle running a successful business while exploring the world? 

Having great support, not only from the network of personal travel managers, but from each other – plus knowing what our clients expect of us – makes it easy for us to leave our bookings in each other’s hands.

We have worked for over twenty years together, seven years with TravelMangers, and understand each other’s work ethics. The support and trust in each other make for a great partnership.

PLus TravelManagers provides us with the latest technology to enable us to work from anywhere, including overseas if we choose.


Maria and Louise with other personal travel managers.

What is it like working together in a regional town?

We are lucky as we live in a small town which likes to support their local small business.

We have lived in Parkes all our lives, and many family and friend support our businesses, spreading the word throughout the local community and beyond.

What do you both love most about being with TravelManagers?

The TravelManagers National Partnership Office provides a great backbone to our business, always willing to assist and guide us.

The support provided by other personal travel managers through channels like our closed Facebook group is also very valuable to us when working remotely.

What advice would you give agents looking to run their own travel business?

With TravelManagers you’ll get all the support you need to be successful. Give it a go because the rewards are definitely there, no matter where you live!

Decide what you want out of your business, set goals and provide personal service. Go the extra mile for your clients, by being a personal travel manager.

So what are YOU waiting for?

Earn. Travel. Live. More.

Join TravelManagers today at https://join.travelmanagers.com.au/

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