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Launching your own travel business is easy peasy with the right support

Are you feeling like you need to make a change in your travel career in 2018? Are you looking for a long-term option that promises more time, money and flexibility?

Are you feeling like you need to make a change in your travel career in 2018? Are you looking for a long-term option that promises more time, money and flexibility?

Becoming a personal travel manager could be just where you need to take your career.

TravelManagers has already helped over 500 personal travel managers find a more fulfilling career that promises even greater financial and personal dividends over the long term. These former agents have taken their love of travel and turned it into a profitable business where they are their own boss and can choose their own hours.

They’re also earning more money than they ever did working for someone else.

But of course, they couldn’t do it all themselves. It’s with the support and expertise from TravelManagers and the National Partnership Office that helped them take their travel consulting career to the next level and sustained it over the years.

Here are four ways TravelManagers can support agents such as yourself build their own travel empires.


1. The National Partnership Office has your back


The National Partnership Office (NPO) will support you from day one and help you with every single aspect of your business, including marketing, admin, sales, etc.

I came to TravelManagers when I was at the point where I really believed I needed to direct my own travel career with the flexibility to work around my growing family and TMA have been the perfect fit for this.

Vanessa, PTM, Mount Lofty Ranges

There’s a great range of training and development opportunities offered through the NPO too, coordinated by their in-house Training team and based on your individual needs.


2. Help is only a phone call away


With a support team of over 50 seasoned industry professionals on call at the National Partnership Office in Sydney, help concerning any aspect of your travel business is only ever a phone call away.

I can be the very best ME I can be every day. I have the freedom to build my business with as much support as I need, make money I never thought I could and the best part is I get to do it on my terms. Never before in my life have I ever felt so empowered to achieve everything I have ever dreamed of. TravelManagers have given that to me and it has changed my life.

Gayle, PTM, South Queensland

Over time, you’ll get to know these reservoirs of knowledge and expertise personally too, and they’ll learn how they can tailor their help to your unique situation.


3. Get face-to-face support in your state


TravelManagers’ national network of seven state-based Business Partnership Managers is there to offer your business support on the ground, assisting with local supplier contacts and advice.

We worked hard to get here, we appreciate the life that TravelManagers has given us. Without this business model, we would probably still be in those dreaded Monday morning meetings!

Ian, PTM, Sunshine Coast

They’ll catch up with you regularly at face-to-face gatherings too, sitting down with you and getting to know your business.


4. You’ll be surrounded by experience

At the present time, there are 31 PTMs in the 520 strong network who have been with TravelManagers for 10 years or more, and three of the team in the National Partnership Office (Pru, Maria, Tanyu).

The thing that I love most about TravelManagers is the freedom it’s given me to find time to launch my blog, and pursue my passions, and still earn money and work from wherever whenever I want. It’s amazing I love it!

Dana, PTM, Somewhere in the world!

The average number of years with TMA of the 50 strong NPO team is six years and over 20 years experience in the industry! In other words, you’ll be surrounded by competence, and this competence will definitely rub off on you!

Looking for a long-term option? Who else would you want to partner with?

Contact TravelManagers today and learn more about their fantastic support by visiting today.

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What kind of support is most important to you over the long term? Tell us in the comments below.

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