Get off the conveyor belt of working for a boss, and free yourself from the 9 to 5 drag; there is a better way to work and we’ve found it!

When you work for someone else they can tell you when to turn up, when to clock off and how long to spend on your clients.

Most of us got into the travel industry because it represents freedom, exploration, going your own way; so why would you work for someone else.

Get back to doing what you love, taking the time to talk travel, to sculpt the perfect itinerary, to make your clients happy and make more money in the process.

Here are the best reasons to beat stress by being your own boss:


The freedom, oh the freedom!

It can be so liberating to make your own schedule. This doesn’t mean slacking off; you can work til midnight if you feel like it, but you can also avoid just sitting at your desk doing nothing when the work is not there.


Set your own targets

Sales targets can be a huge stress for Agents, they can arbitrary and unachievable – and constantly missing them is like a cold shower for your ego. But when you work for yourself you can set your own parameters for success. Aim for the stars, or carve out a healthy work life balance. Your call.


Earn more commission

Working for yourself you have less people to share the money with, so you have the potential to earn more.


Pick your own hours

You decide when you work and when you don’t. This freedom can really help cut back stress, and improve productivity; you are not just putting in the hours to be seen at your desk, you are using your time effectively.


Give meetings the boot

How many times to you come away from a team meeting and think, “Yeah, I really got something out of that?!” Meetings are usually too long, too talkie, and lacking on focus. All that meeting time is now work time, not “smiling politely while you dream about binge watching new Younger” time.


Do a better job

Take time with your clients to get things right. This will make them happy, and get you a loyal customer base. Too often the stress of customer churn means you are not doing what you love, inspiring people about amazing trips.


Never worry about the walk of shame

When you are your own boss you can never get the sack! Sure, you are only as secure as your ability to bring in clients, but back yourself and you will be fine.


Get help with Travel Counsellors

Life is too short, remember why it is that you work in travel. It wasn’t about covering your cost of seat. Get back to doing what you LOVE­ – talking travel on your own schedule. Autonomy!

Travel Counsellors can help you step out on your own to become one of the 1800 Travel Counsellors globally. They can teach you how to run your own business and you have the support of the company when you need it.

They will help you build relationships, get repeat business and support you when you need it most.

Check out the benefits of being a Travel Counsellor here.


Why do you want to work on your own?

Written by Paul Chai, KARRYON contributor

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