Have you seen the #trashtag challenge trending online? If not, do yourself (and the world) a favour and search it now. It’s a viral challenge promoting a cleaner, greener world.

The #Trashtag challenge inspires people to share before and after pictures on social media of their clean up efforts in their local community.

Thousands of images are coming in from right around the world of everyday eco-warriors standing among a mountain of rubbish, then a mountain of garbage bags showing their clean up efforts.


Clean Up Australia Managing Director Terrie-Ann Johnson, told SBS she was behind the challenge.

“Every day is a clean up day for us – and if social media is the best channel to encourage a generation to get down and dirty then we are more than happy to explore.”

Clean Up Australia Managing Director Terrie-Ann Johnson

“We think it’s great to see people finding new ways to share their experience of where rubbish is accumulating and how they have been the change-maker who has done something about it.”

The #Trashtag movement has been around for a few years but has seen a major resurgence recently as the war on waste intensifies. Let’s hope the travel industry gets behind it too!

Will you be joining in the #trashtag challenge?