Travel Agent Astrology: The Gemini Personality

Do you just lurrrve talking? Do you value your independence above just about anything else? Well, if you were born between 21 May and 20 June then this totally makes sense –it’s because you’re a Gemini!

Do you just lurrrve talking? Do you value your independence above just about anything else? Well, if you were born between 21 May and 20 June then this totally makes sense –it’s because you’re a Gemini!

As the sun waltzes into Gemini for its annual monthly residence, we thought it high time at KarryOn to delve into the psyche of the Gemini Travel Agent.

(After all, we’ve already analysed the Pisces, Aries and Taurus Travel Agent personality, so it’s only fair.)

But be WARNED: We’re not going to hold back – not at all – so get ready to hear the truth, for better or for worse!

(Don’t worry: as Gemini Travel Agents you have lots going for you.)

Shall we begin?


Travel Agents born under Gemini are the chatterboxes of the office, and communication in all its splendid forms comes quite naturally to them.

Witty? Yup.

Opinionated? Yup?

Have-a-response-to-every-possible-objection-made-by-a-customer? You betcha!

These guys are slick persuaders par excellence and the peacocks of the bird family (find out what bird type you are here).

Indeed, because of their communication skills and natural charm, Gemini Travel Agents make excellent salespeople and you’ll notice their names up there among the top performing agents.


(And in the event you don’t notice their high performing results, don’t worry, as they’ll DEFINITELY let you know!)

Gemini agents also possess bucket loads of enthusiasm, which is easily rubbed off on others, making them excellent leaders and team leaders capable of motivating their staff to kick serious @ss – and have fun whilst doing it.

Being a Travel Agent also sits well with a Gemini’s independent nature. They love do things their own way – as much as possible.


Because Gemini Travel Agents have their own processes in place for getting enquiry, dealing with complaints, and even filing their invoices, managers with these guys in their team need to give them as much free reign as possible in how they conduct their business – but not too much…


Well, because Geminis have a natural tendency to scatter their energy and efforts, and can become easily distracted.

Thus they routinely need to be pulled back to task – either by their team leader, their coworkers, or even perhaps their clients.

Sure, their natural enthusiasm is effective in getting started on finding new clients and implementing new strategies to double their pay-check, but this enthusiasm eventually dissipates, leaving a trail of incomplete enquiries, clients that haven’t been followed up, and frustration – for all and sundry.


Geminis can also be very superficial, forming judgements about people and the world without really getting to know them or doing their research.

Although this quality can definitely make them look and sound like they know their stuff in front of clients and their team, scratch beneath the surface, and what you may find are opinions built on mere speculation.

Also, because routine and boredom are Gemini’s biggest fears, they may find it hard to stay the long haul in their current line of work.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially in the travel industry, as there are many opportunities to move around – both vertically and horizontally (i.e., taking managerial roles or moving to a new store or office).


Finally, because Geminis find it hard dealing with situations that are anything less than positive (e.g., when they incur a massive neg or need to organise a last-minute visa because they didn’t check the requirements), they tend to bury their heads in the sand, hoping it all goes away.

Of course, it doesn’t, and often lands them in even hotter water.

Advice here to face these situations head on, using your natural enthusiasm to fix them and move on ASAP, allowing you to get on with your day.

Strengths: Excellent communication skills, positive, independent, creative, charming.

Weaknesses: Superficial, scatter brained, avoidance, manipulative.

Are you a Gemini Travel Agent? Do you see yourself in this description?