Calling all Travel Agents born between April 21 and May 20. Today we’re going to analyse the crap out of your Taurus personality, hopefully giving you some insights into what makes you tick.

It’s time for a lil’ Taurus love.

People born under Taurus are the dependable Travel Agents of the pack.

Always reliable, you can count on them to meet their monthly sales quota and be at the office first thing in the morning – even after a massive buzz night.

Yep, they make excellent employees, and this same dependability extends to their friends and family.

Taurus Travel Agents are also extremely patient, and are happy to do things the right way, even if it takes that much longer. Yep, they have a little owl in them indeed.

They are also extremely persistent too and don’t stop until they’ve gotten what they want – compare that to an Aries Travel Agent… (Believe me, I know – I’m an Aries too).

Again, excellent qualities for a sales superstar.

Also, because of their down to earth nature and emotional intelligence, Taurus Travel Agents fair much better when the proverbial $hit hits the fan (way better than Pisces agents, for example). They are amongst the most stoic of the Zodiacs, and able to remain calm and practical in the heat of the moment to do what needs to be done.

A true skills indeed!


Last but certainly not least, they have an ambitious nature that’s sure to see them rise to the top of their industry, so long as they are able to retain their independence. For this reason, they are particularly well suited to joining the ranks of Travel CounsellorsTravelManagers or MTA.

However, as with all Zodiac personalities, there’s a light AND a dark side to the Taurus Travel Agent.

Firstly, they sure are stubborn buggers – just like a bull – and can be quite inflexible at times. “It’s my way or the highway” is their motto.

They are also a tad self-indulgent, sometimes to the expense of others, and this can make them appear rude or ignorant. Of course, they are not – they’re are actually some of the sweetest souls around – but their actions can make them appear that way.

Dealing with laziness is also a recurrent issue for Taurus Travel Agents. They need to be motivated to kick-start the engines, especially in the mornings. This can be addressed by putting them in a team with a strong leader who knows how to push their buttons to make them try a little harder, if only to get them going.

Finally, Taurus Travel Agents love the finer things in life, and this love of beauty and luxury can make them materialistic. Perhaps the best antidote for these agents would be a trip to India so they can reevaluate their values?

Strengths: Reliable, loyal, independent, patient, persistent, resilient, ambitious.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, self-indulgent, lazy, materialistic.

Are you a Taurus Travel Agent? Do you see yourself in this description?