Is there such a thing as a stupid question? We recently asked that of you, oh loyal KarryOn readers, and your answer was a resounding YES! But we couldn’t do justice to all your responses…

In the last couple of weeks of 2016, before madman Trump was given the keys to the White House and committed his crazy/discriminatory views of the world into American policy, we wrote a story based on some of the stupidest questions Travel Agents had ever been asked on the job.

The story was itself based on a meme we posted on our Facebook page, which we’ve reposted here:

Pretty funny, huh?!

But was it THAT funny?

Well, the deluge of comments, anecdotes and face palms we received on account of that meme was biblical in proportion, and we really didn’t expect such a response. But oh, were we and the rest of the Australian Travel Agent community thoroughly entertained by all the responses!

But our initial story was only the half of it – literally. Agents all around the country chipped in with so many hilarious questions and anecdotes from their time in the field that we couldn’t possibly include them all in a single story.

Indeed, so far the meme post received 580 likes, 60 shares, and 95 comments – and it’s still getting attention!

So in the spirit of giving these other KarryOn readers their time in the spotlight, here are some more dumb questions that agents have to put up on daily basis.

To get the ball rolling, let’s start with a cracker!

I guess the logic there was a little something like this: Tasmania is separated from mainland Australia, yet it’s still part of Australia. New Zealand is also separated from mainland Australia, so it too must be part of Australia. I’m Australian, so therefore I don’t need a passport to New Zealand! Oh boy…

Unfortunately, that’s not the first or last time Tassie (or NZ) features in such stupid questions:

And this:

And to our brothers and sisters across the ditch, it seems as if the Australian and greater travelling public are a little confused over you guys too…

Some travellers just had basic bad geography:

Whilst others were simply ignorant over the change of seasons in the southern hemisphere:

Well okay, being a little confused over seasonality down south is one thing, but being confused over the name of the country you’ve just travelled to is a whole new level of stupidity:

But if that wasn’t stupid enough for you, take a gander at this idiotic display of ignorance:

Okay okay, it was her birthday after all, so perhaps we should cut her a little slack, eh?

Meanwhile, this client got a little confused on where exactly she had to fly into:

And this guy was a little confused as to why the Travel Agent wouldn’t help him with his request:


But let’s finish off with one of my personal favourites – a stupid question that could also moonlight as a dad joke.

And it is thus:

Now don’t you love being a Travel Agent?

Do you have a stupid question you’d love to share? Then leave them in the comments below and who knows, we may even stretch this to a three-part series!

**Thanks to everyone that commented and made us all laugh!

What was the stupidest question you’ve even been asked as a Travel Agent?