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UNDERTOURISM: 9 'Alternative Destinations' To Send Your Clients

As I now travel the world, it is both interesting & stimulating to be asked sincere, pointed questions around the future of tourism. Much of it is focused on the perception of ‘overtourism’.

As I now travel the world, it is both interesting & stimulating to be asked sincere, pointed questions around the future of tourism. Much of it is focused on the perception of ‘overtourism’.

My belief is simple: all of us in the industry have a part to play. Through thoughtful, respectful, strategic management of tourism industry growth and activation, we can ensure that we support all destinations economically, socially, culturally and environmentally.

In doing so, we need to move beyond peak season, making travel a truly responsive and responsible enterprise for locals, visiting and supporting the less-visited areas in these trending destinations.

But while some destinations are struggling to handle the side effects of overtourism, in August, my travels took me to a place experiencing reborn tourism: Northern Ireland.


The destination illuminated the duality of travel – how so many places aren’t getting enough tourism while others complain they are getting too much. And so, I too have joined the chorus.

Undertourism: our call to action to spread the powerful benefit travel provides to the places like Northern Ireland. In doing so, not only does it address the looming risks of over-tourism south of the soft border, it also opens up the opportunity to discover new unexplored corners of the Emerald Isle, reminding us to do similarly in other destinations across the world.

Our world has a multitude of tourism’s unsung heroes that are waiting to be discovered. So, in 2020, with the assistance of the Trafalgar Tribe, here are an additional nine “alternative” destinations that we believe you should consider adding to your beyond travel wish list:


1. Georgia

A jewel of the Black Sea region, this crossroads of culture is both rugged and unexplored and extends a warm, heart-felt welcome to visitors.


2. Sossusvlei, Namibia


Few places in the world are as breathtaking as the continuously changing canvases of colour of Sossusvlei.


3. Balkans beyond Croatia


Look beyond that which has already been discovered, journey further than the beauty of Croatia that has lured your heart to this beguiling part of Europe.


4. Cartagena, Colombia


Risen from a history once defined by conflict to a future shaped by hope, which has given residents a heightened level of appreciation of all that they have, their hearts open to visitors to share in their blessings.


5. Porto, Portugal


A port city, Porto proudly invites travellers to explore northwest Portugal’s home of port wine.


6. Jaisalmer, India


Image: Supriya S/Unsplash

Also called the “Golden City”, Jaisalmer is, without question, one of the finest cultural adventures any traveller can undertake.


7. Albania


Image: Polina Rytova/Unsplash

This crossroads of history, culture and cuisine offers foodies and folklore-lovers a feast of discovery.


8. Galway, Ireland


Image: Ruby Doan/Unsplash

A landscape lived on by people who take pride in preserving their customs and unique character.


9. Navajo Nation, USA


To join our Navajo guides and learn about their incredibly rich history and culture in one of the most dramatically beautiful areas of the USA is an experience that will resonate in your heart forever.