Queenstown takeover
Queenstown takeover

What has travel taught you? Travel industry shares important lessons learned

While many of us are in lockdown, it's a good excuse to reminisce and reflect on all the life-changing experiences travel has gifted us and perhaps ponder over the most pivotal lessons we've learned on our journey so far.

While many of us are in lockdown, it’s a good excuse to reminisce and reflect on all the life-changing experiences travel has gifted us and perhaps ponder over the most pivotal lessons we’ve learned on our journey so far.

As we all try to navigate everything that’s going on right now, hope and reflection are incredibly important, because let’s face it, you have come so far and have learned so much.

With this in mind, we recently posted a question on our Facebook page, to share what travel has taught you, in your life so far. And as always, your answers were funny, deep, bizarre, heartwarming, and everything in between.

We thought we’d share some of them, to hopefully put a smile on your face, and give you something extra to think about, ready for when the borders reopen, in the not-so-distant future.

Travel lessons
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  1. The miss adventures are just as amazing as the adventures.
  2. Generosity comes in the most unlikely of places.
  3. It’s ok to get lost, you see some unplanned and potentially amazing things that you may have missed otherwise.
  4. Slow down and do it the right way for you, not how the world thinks you should do it.
  5. It’s worth paying more to be able to get a good night’s sleep.
  6. This whole COVID-19 situation, with all the cancellations, refunds & rebooking, has definitely made me rethink my entire procedures.
  7. That if no one wants to go where you do, just go by yourself. You’ll meet amazing people that will fill your heart.
  8. That our industry is tough and resilient.
  9. To take it all in.
  10. Pack your bag a week before you leave and the morning of your departure open your bag and remove 75 per cent of the clothes you had packed as they are going to be completely superfluous.
  11. Don’t tell a Croatian you are from Yugoslavia. Not my lesson, but I was too close to not take note of it.
  12. That we are all human, borders are ultimately just arbitrary.
  13. Should have never taken it for granted.
  14. Look outside your own backyard! There’s a whole world out there…
  15. That people in poor countries are happier than we are with their lot, yet we are so fortunate to be living in such a beautiful and great country like Australia.
  16. People are the same everywhere. They want a good life for their children and freedom from tyranny.
  17. Travel LIGHT… and enjoy. Pack clothes you can toss along the way and maybe replace with something new that can turn into a souvenir!
  18. That it’s best to travel as a pilgrim, not a tourist.
  19. Travel is the greatest educator and equaliser.
  20. My part of the world is tiny but my impact can be huge in either a good way or a bad.
  21. Things are rarely the way you thought they were.
  22. To see what’s it’s like to live in another man’s shoes.
  23. Travel is a little window of freedom from the everyday humdrum.
  24. Be inquisitive as you never know what delight is around the next corner.
  25. Never judge a client by how they look and what they are wearing.
  26. To be open minded, to get to know people and cultures and not judge.
  27. Sleeping in an overnight train cabin in a country that I don’t speak the dialect saves money on hotels but wipes years off your life!
  28. The differences between people and their culture is what makes the world so beautiful.
  29. To check the booking before you fly so you don’t end up in the wrong part of the country!
  30. Being marched through an airport with an AK-47 pointed at you teaches you to listen to your own visa advice!
  31. That travelling by yourself builds character, strength & is the greatest experience you will ever have in your life.
  32. How material things have nothing to do with happiness.
  33. You only need two pairs of pants!
  34. Whenever you think you’ve got enough time in a place you’re over the moon excited to visit, add an extra day. You’ll never regret it.
  35. The generosity of strangers.
  36. Always carry tissues!
  37. To really listen.
  38. Don’t trust Taxi drivers!
  39. Appreciate what you have.
  40. How beautiful the world and humanity are.
  41. To be grateful.
Travel lessons

Thank you for sharing.

Remember, you can always count on your fellow #TogetherinTravel community to help you feel the love.