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WORLD KINDNESS DAY: Sharing Kindness Can Change The World

Today is World Kindness Day and the perfect time for you to reflect on how you share kindness, and how you'd like to pay it forward each day, both at home and overseas.

Today is World Kindness Day and the perfect time for you to reflect on how you share kindness, and how you’d like to pay it forward each day, both at home and overseas.

In a time where negativity seems to be in the news every minute of every day, we must rise and stand together in kindness, compassion and consciousness, to create a better world for every creature living in it.

Cue, World Kindness Day.

(And cute little Sea Otters, holding hands)

Studies have shown that when you care for others, are kind to others and give to others it boosts your immune system and strengthens your mental health. Beyond the personable benefits, giving and sharing creates stronger connections between people and communities and helps build a happier society for everyone.

One of the guiding principles for happiness, as advocated by Professor Lea Waters (PhD), is giving back, and Aussies can do this by being kind to the people who make them smile, the nature that makes them feel alive and the animals that inspire their curiosity.

“Let’s live life with audacious dreams and big hearts”.

Steve Jobs


Spread kindness through being compassionate to every one of your clients

We get it, sometimes you’re super busy, extremely stressed and that client who has been to see you three times already is standing by the door waiting for you to look up. You don’t want to look up, but you do. And you do with a nice welcoming smile. As annoying as people can be, each person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so always be kind. Their encounter with you could be the highlight of their day.


Spread kindness through being kind to yourself

Treat yourself like a good friend, because you 100% deserve your own kindness. Try not to judge yourself so harshly and be understanding with yourself in every situation. You are doing the best you can and you’re doing great. When you’re kind to yourself, you will then find it easier to be kind to everyone you meet.


Spread kindness through the magic of travel

Karry On - World Happiness Day

Travel is magic. That’s why you’re sitting at your desk right now, working hard to make people’s dreams come true. Travel opens your eyes up to the world, to the good, the bad and the ugly. By spreading kindness while overseas can bring people together on a global scale.

“The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realise we are citizens of the world.”

Australian Kindness Movement

There are also many beautiful destinations that boast some of the world’s friendliest locals. In Fiji, it’s the people who make you smile. There are multiple ways to reciprocate the ‘Bula Spirit’ and help those who make you feel happy.

Check out the Vinaka Fiji Volunteer programs supporting remote villages

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Spread kindness through supporting others

Karry On - World Happiness Day

You can support people in many ways. From listening, speaking, smiling, teaching and giving. Sometimes just a simple acknowledgment is all it takes to make somebody feel like they are human again.


Spread kindness through protecting the environment

Kindness isn’t limited to just humans, you play a vital role in spreading kindness to the planet; to Mother Nature. Our oceans, countries, and animals all deserve kindness.

Travellers can often choose to offset their carbon footprint for their flight and choose to use reusables to save on litter.

Guests staying in Fiji can choose to give back to the environment by volunteering to participate in a turtle conservation program or coral planting initiative. Coral ecosystems are key in providing food, shelter and protection. A strong coral eco-system makes for a happy ocean, which makes for happy animals and happy people-a win for creating a happy planet!

Click here for more information on World Kindness Day.