JOURNEY BEYOND THE TALES: Ireland’s remote destinations to seek

You’ve seen it on Game of Thrones and marvelled at it on Star Wars, now it’s time you and your clients escaped to a Galaxy Far, Far Away in Ireland. […]

You’ve seen it on Game of Thrones and marvelled at it on Star Wars, now it’s time you and your clients escaped to a Galaxy Far, Far Away in Ireland.

The Emerald Isle is calling and inviting you to check out its beauty and bounty ranging from a plethora of medieval castles, historic hotel pubs and unbroken views of nature and historic architectures.

So hop on a European-bound flight and get your Ireland fix in some of these remote destinations:




The Aran Islands / Forge3

If you’re in search of the traditional Irish way of life, journey to the west coast of Ireland where you will find the rocky windswept regions of the Aran Islands, home to only 250 inhabitants, historic ruins, churches, a rusty ship by the sea, unique eateries and beverages.

Characterised by its unique and distinctive charm, Inisheer (Inis Oirr) is the smallest of the islands that possesses the true feel of a remote village. The ruins of O’Brien fort near the summit of the island provides expansive views across the endless number of stone walls across the greenery fields and yards.

As you move towards the pier, you will be greeted by the fresh breeze of the wind as you face the white sandy beach stretching against the turquoise waters and nets of fishing boats.



The Gap of Dunloe

Gap of Dunloe/ gapofdunloetour.com

Walk on foot, cycle, hire a horse drawn wagon or drive through the enchanting Gap of Dunloe where you will discover the narrow mountainous forge between MacGillycuddy Reeks and Purple Mountain by glacial flows.

The Gap stretches for approximately 11 km from north to south where you can descend into passing lakes and towards the welcoming  cottage called Kate Kearney where you will discover an old bridge known as the ‘Wishing Bridge’. It has been told that wishes made here really do come true!



Hidden Irelands Tours

Hidden Ireland tours

For an immaculate, untapped scenery, travel to the enchanting hills and weather-worn bluffs of Dingle. The Dingle Peninsula is where you can explore freely and walk the country lanes on foot and quench your thirst with a freshly tapped Guinness.



The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel/ Ireland

If you’re a history geek, this unique landmark is a definite must-see on your bucket list of Ireland destinations. Surrounded by beautiful green pastures embedded with its long, rich historic nature, including some battles fought against the Vikings, the Rock of Cashel stands monumentally. Absorb in the tales of battles and explore the legends that shape the country’s one-of-a-kind culture.

Experience the remoteness of Ireland’s unique landmarks and discover yourself why this destination is the place to be!

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