QUIRKY ACCOMMODATION: 5 of Ireland's weird & wonderful hotels

As the home of leprechauns, a national carrier named after feet (Aer Lingus=Air Feet) and a town with 22 letters in its title (try pronouncing Muckanaghederdauhaulia), it’s safe to say […]

As the home of leprechauns, a national carrier named after feet (Aer Lingus=Air Feet) and a town with 22 letters in its title (try pronouncing Muckanaghederdauhaulia), it’s safe to say that Ireland doesn’t shy away from its quirky nature.

On the contrary, Ireland embraces its unique edges and is keen to show it off where possible, especially to tourists.

So if you’re planning a trip to the Emerald Isle, don’t be thrown back by random ‘dragon eggs’ at markets in Belfast or incomprehensible slang at a local pub.

Don’t even be surprised by the one-of-a-kind accommodation waiting for you inside some of the country’s wackiest hotels, like these nine:




Image: MelanieMay.com

Trust that you’ve never stayed in accommodation quite like Ireland’s Bubble Domes.

The Bubble Domes are EXACTLY as they sound because they are dome structures covered by clear glass to resemble a bubble.

The Domes are located on a secluded peninsula near North Ireland’s Finn Lough and offer unmatched views of the wilderness.

Although it may come across a little like camping, the Bubble Domes are adults-only and quite luxurious. Guests are also granted access to a sauna, restaurant and spa.

Guests can also take advantage of the location by strolling along the marina, riding down the bike trails and more.

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Thatched Cottage

If an authentic Irish experience is what you’re looking for, then look no further than the Thatched Cottage on the Wild Atlantic Way.

The property is one of less than 1,500 Irish thatched cottages left across the country and despite a little restoration, is relatively untouched.

Beautifully located in the centre of County Kerry, which sits on the country’s popular driving route – The Wild Atlantic Way – and is described by its owner as “full of character, warmth and comfort, and a unique place to stay while holidaying in the Irish countryside”.

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Adare Manor

For an award-winning hotel that’s less wacky and a little more wonderful, check out the Adare Manor.

The Manor was named Ireland’s ‘Hotel of the Year for 2018’ by Virtuoso because of its fusion of rich heritage, gothic style and high-end luxury.

But seriously, you could be receiving an exquisite treatment at the hotel’s La Mer spa and feel as though you’re sitting in the backdrop of a vampire’s wealthy hideout.

The eerie feeling is emphasised by the solitude of the property as it sits on 840 acres of pristine parkland.

But don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear here, the staff deliver a sense of home with personalised, intimate service.

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Helens Tower

Travel back to the 19th Century.

Helen’s Tower was built in 1848 and stands on a hill in County Down. Its perched position comes with a panoramic view of Northern Ireland’s landscape. On a good day, visitors can even see Scotland off in the distance.

Guests who rent out Helen’s Tower will have access to one double bedroom, shower room, kitchen, living room, reading room and a rooftop terrace.

But leave the kids at home, this is a strictly adults-only stay.

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Ashford Castle

Alert: Castle for rent! Castle for rent!

Dreams are coming true for people who always imagined themselves sleeping in a castle, specifically one in Ireland.

The Red Carnation Hotel Collection recently added Ashford Castle to its portfolio because of its ‘majestic’ design and ‘picturesque’ location.

Situated on the shores of Lough Corrib, the property is described as “one of Ireland’s most impressive and romantic castle hotels” thanks to its ‘magical setting’ and luxurious interiors.

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