GLORIOUS FOOD: How to Turn Your Meal into an Experience in Peru

By now we most likely know that Peruvian food is to die for. From the coastal seafood, to the quirky Amazonian flavours, and the sacred traditional foods in the highlands, […]

By now we most likely know that Peruvian food is to die for. From the coastal seafood, to the quirky Amazonian flavours, and the sacred traditional foods in the highlands, classic dishes stretch far and wide and we are here for it. But what about the experiences behind the food? Isn’t that what travelling is all about?

With food being such an essential part of Peru’s culture, the country wants to show visitors that dining with others is one of the most valuable things we have in this life. Here are four ways to immerse yourself into an experience that revolves around the culinary culture rather than just stuffing your face at the first place you set eyes on – don’t get me wrong, that can be fun too.




Credit: Renzo Giraldo, PROMPERU

Why fish for another when you can teach them how to fish? Imagine being able to bring back the delicious food you tried in Peru for your loved ones at home. Taking a cooking class in Lima is an activity that you will carry with you through life. While learning to make some of the most popular dishes of Peru, you will have the chance to meet other people interested in sharing this experience with you.

Something that makes cooking classes in Lima unique to others, is often, you will be taken to one of the local markets so you can learn about the ingredients beforehand. Once you have gone and picked out the ingredients for your masterpiece, you go back to class and have a better knowledge of what you’re doing.

And finally, after learning about the key ingredients and understanding how to prepare these delicious meals, you and your classmates get to enjoy the best part: sitting together to better appreciate what is going into your tummy. Check out SkyKitchen Peruvian Cooking Classes for a guaranteed valuable experience!




Belmond Hiram Bingham. Credit: Peru Rail

Train travel is booming. Why fly above and miss some of the world’s most precious views when you can zoom straight through it? Luxury train life is real here in Peru and here’s why: on some of the high end train routes such as Hiram Bingham Cusco to Machu Picchu, your dining experience will turn into a full on unforgettable travel experience.

Imagine fine dining courses, an outdoor bar train car where you can sip and gawk over views at the same times, and a live band playing in the background. Imagine no longer because this can and will be your holiday if you book your trips via train.

While you will absolutely have your fair share of ceviche, the Peruvian chefs on these trains bring their knowledge of food from all over the world to guarantee that when you’re in transit, you’ll also feel like you’re in heaven.




MIL Centro Credit: Gustavo Vivanco

Take in some history while you drool over MIL Centro’s perfectly prepared cuisine. As the little sister of Peru’s best ranked restaurant, Central in Lima, MIL brings the highly rated cuisine to those who need somewhere to rest while trekking through the Sacred Valley.

While the food is superb, the view is even better…well, maybe. Look out the window while you eat and take in one of Peru’s most famous archaeologic sites, Moray. Approximately 50 kilometres northwest of Cusco, Moray consists of Inca ruins in the shape of terraced circular depressions. Historic Inca ruins are some of Peru’s most prized possessions so what better way to honour their food while also honouring the country’s culture and history.




Let’s talk about lunch with a view. Now this one here isn’t for everybody. If you’re afraid of heights or suffer from claustrophobia, tough luck. Time to tackle our fears and get out of your comfort zone because this one will be worth it. Skylodge Adventures is a hotel company that has seriously changed the game. The rooms are actually transparent capsules built into the rocks located 400 metres above the Sacred Valley.

Just one hour outside of Cusco, the exclusive Skylodge Adventures becomes available to all who want to combine their love of adventure and food for lunch. Dine in one of the capsules with up to 12 people in a group and bring a whole new meaning to lunch with a view. What’s for dessert? A Zipline or rappel exit down to the ground.

For more culinary adventures in Peru, visit https://www.peru.travel