BRING ON BANGKOK: Let's go behind the scenes

Oh, Bangkok. Its a capital city that's become synonymous with late-night partying, bustling markets, bright lights and gilded temples. With so much to do and see,  it's hard to know where to begin..

Oh, Bangkok. Its a capital city that’s become synonymous with late-night partying, bustling markets, bright lights and gilded temples. With so much to do and see,  it’s hard to know where to begin..

The city has an intoxicating atmosphere, defined by the renowned friendliness of its locals and the fact its every corner holds a total feast for your senses. The personality of this bustling metropolis is captured in every interaction, every tasty dish, every bright billboard, and every (unnecessary) market purchase..

It’s pretty much a travellers paradise.

We’ve comprised a small list of some of the BEST ways to make the most out of your time in the Thai capital..




Starting with an obvious one, but come on, Tuk-Tuks are the ONLY way to travel in style around Bangkok. One exhilarating trip in one of these customised zoom-buggies and you’ll never want to travel by any other means of transport ever again. (Seriously, can we get a licence for one of these?)

And, to make it even better, you can now go on Midnight Food Tours around the city, sampling some of the delicious food at a selection of local haunts. You’ll even get to see the spectacular beauty of the temples and flower markets on your journey, illuminated under the night sky. In an experience that captures Bangkok’s energetic personality, this is the best way to get the full Thai experience (and a full belly!)




Bangkok is home to an incredibly intricate maze of canals, or ‘khlongs’, that branch off from the famous Chao Phraya river. Here, you can find the traditional Teak Thai houses which are built on stilts, and form part of an incredible community of (brave!) Thai locals. Even better, this peaceful cruise is an amazing way to see sides of the city that aren’t otherwise accessible, and to get a glimpse of those glorious golden temples!




Leave Bangkok with a new skill under your belt by getting some hands-on experience in painting, weaving, paper making, and more. Art and craft workshops are a great way to connect to Thai culture and so much fun at the same time!

Check out the The Exploratorium at Siam Discovery, Charm-Learn Studio, Paint Bar and The Loom for more information.




See? Those senses again! No trip to Bangkok is complete without paying a visit to one of the brightest flower markets in the Thailand, Pak Klong Talad. Its been hailed as a site of “symbolic values” to the people of Bangkok, which we think makes it twice as beautiful.

You could easily spend hours simply marvelling at the beauty of this vibrant market. Buy a gorgeous Thai Phuang Malai (a flower garland), commonly considered a symbol of good luck and wellbeing and, in turn, help one of the local street workers.




We’d like to say that a night in Bangkok is one you’ll never forget. But, in likelihood, you probably won’t remember to begin with. But that’s okay! A little refresher for you..

Khao San Road is world-famous for being THE backpacker central of the world. The street is rammed full of hostels, bars, shops, market stalls and, of course, PEOPLE. The nightlife in this fantastic corner of Bangkok is totally wild but for all the best reasons.

Why not visit the wonderful Brown Sugar bar, which is just a stones throw away from the main stretch of Khao San? This stylish bar is known for being one of the best live music spots in the whole city, and it’s a great place to meet new people.

What are you waiting for? Bangkok is waiting!

What location should travellers visit that are off the beaten track?